Unexpected press release led to this conclusion, with help from a couple of sources: Darryl Bootland is on an AHL/CHL two-way contract with the Sound Tigers and Odessa. EDIT: Another source says one-way now. Either way… It appears to be something to help out the Jackalopes, though the intricasies of the CHL’s rules elude me. […] [Read More]
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Day 4: Who are these guys?

Pat Bingham said he’s finally getting a handle on who’s who out there. (That puts him a step ahead of me, but no shock there.) “I had my moment of clarity today — good timing,” he said. That, he hopes, will help put the right guys in the right spots tomorrow. They continued to work […] [Read More]

Whale of a tale

From that paper upstate, the new logo in Hartford. Edit: From my e-mail, and shrunken since I’m not bright enough to get it to show up full-sized, here it is: Mitch Beck has a poll on his site asking for opinions. One option allows you to prefer the fake one that someone fed him. Vote […] [Read More]
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They got a system: Day 3

The Big Club finally gets it going tonight in two different time zones; one split squad has Calgary in Sarasota, and the B-squad goes to Fort Lauderdale. Or maybe I’ve misheard. The Sound Tigers, they’re getting ready for games, too, which finally begin Friday. The faces are starting to come into focus, although they changed […] [Read More]

Wrapping up, Day 2

So a wacky day, both on the Island and in my sinuses. I could do with more consistent weather. Thanks. Apologies for the posting delay. In Shelton, apparently the calmest place in the Islanders’ organization: More breakouts today, and then a systems, forechecking session after a flood. Didn’t look bad. Mark Wotton joined the group, […] [Read More]

Livechat, Tuesday, 3 p.m.

We’ll begin the livechats anew. A lot of it will be speculation and innuendo, but hey, what the heck. Be here. Edit: Some technical difficulties, apparently. If the CoverItLive box doesn’t appear here, try here by 3 p.m.. [Read More]
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One Day Done

“It went according to plan,” Pat Bingham said at the end. “No casualties.” A good first-day skate, a bit more than an hour and a half. Lots of drills on the rush, two-on-ohs, two-on-ones, two-on-a-coach-sorta-in-the-way. “We’re trying to establish a work ethic,” Bingham said. “Skating, so they can get the legs under them, and tempo.” […] [Read More]

Defense deeper, more familiar

The only apparent late addition to the Sound Tigers’ training-camp roster is one of the only two familiar faces: Brett Motherwell. Awaiting firm word on whether it’s an AHL deal or a tryout. Bridgeport announced Monday morning that it’s an AHL contract. Also of note: The split-squad preseason games have a trickle-down effect not only […] [Read More]
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