Sabado mas pequeno

I had a half-joking “Sabado Gigante” header made up when I pulled tonight’s box scores. Last night’s chain of one-point clinches, setting seeds 1-6 in the Eastern Conference, made this night just a little less gigante.

If you needed any proof of that, the Clear Day lists will probably just be a suggestion for the coaches in these two games. Bridgeport had no exhibition games before the regular season, but it’ll have a couple before the postseason. The bus dropped off at least five guys on the way across from Providence to here. Groin pulls, flu bug, seasonal allergies: something along those lines. Day-to-day, no doubt.

Kenny Reiter, most notably, makes his professional debut. Justin DiBenedetto returns from suspension. Sean Backman wears an ‘A’.

The Penguins have a boatload of defensemen dressed and one to scratch. (It’s Peter Merth.) Here’s what I thought I saw the first time.

F: Johnston-Romano-Riley
Halmo-Mouillierat-Backman (A)
Persson-Nelson-DiBenedetto (A)
D: Donovan-Oleksy (A)
Cantin-de Haan
G: Reiter

F: Thompson-O’Reilly-Petersen
McDonald-Williams-Craig (C)
D: Despres-Picard (A)
Samuelsson-Mormina (A)
G: Thiessen

R: T.Koharski. L: Pomento, Ritter.

A sold-out barn here, which’ll take you back.

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Michael Fornabaio

15 Responses

  1. Also: “John” Landry, “Mark” Cantin and Jordie “Johnson.”

  2. In his defense, Halmo’s listed as “Mark” on the game notes. Honest mistake.

  3. Ray says:

    Listening to Tom Grace and he keeps calling Halmo “Mark!”