Call For Votes: Fake Team Awards VIII


It’s time once again to vote for our Fake Team Awards. You guys pick the winners of two fake trophies: Fan Favorite (choose your own criteria, ’cause he’s your favorite) and Seventh Player (performance beyond expectations, on which I reserve the right to break a tie but probably won’t).

Familiar boilerplate: You may leave a vote in the comments (on this post only, especially important considering the spam debacle; I was hoping to wait that out, but it’s still coming) or e-mail it to (Tweets won’t count.) Voting is open until 11 p.m. on Saturday, April 20, and we’ll “announce” the winners here sometime before the finale Sunday. I’ll compile a Three Stars Award again off the official picks.

Please vote once and only once; these are just for fun. No changing your vote, either, so make it count. I’ll post a reminder or two.

The awards history can be found on last year’s results post. And if you’re for some reason curious how this all began, the introduction of the idea is here.

Please keep this post’s comments to votes, or at least discussion about votes. Thanks.

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Michael Fornabaio

10 Responses

  1. Val says:

    FF Ty Wishart
    7th: DeFazio

  2. raul17 says:

    Persson FF& Watkins 7th

  3. Jeff says:

    Fan Fav – Nate McIver
    7th – Brandon DeFazio

  4. Ray says:

    Fan Fav: Brett Gallant
    7th: Blair Riley

  5. hank says:

    well, let’s get it out of the way

    FF – Ty Wishart
    7th – Brock Nelson