Heavy viewing/light reading

Want to watch the Calder Cup Final? It’ll be free on AHLLive. Directions found within the link. Want something to read while you’re watching? CapGeek noted that the new CBA is at last available. (That might be a little heavy, but ah well. Haven’t had a chance to read through it yet myself.)

A tweet from Vityaz Chekhov says that “by mutual consent” (per Google Translate) they’ve terminated the contracts of Trevor Gillies and Jeremy Yablonski

John Hayden of Greenwich and Adam Erne of North Branford are on USA Hockey’s junior evaluation camp roster.

The Utica rumor won’t go away. Here’s a report on a report of a report.

Darn it, people. (Context/provenance, and the vowel merger’s appearance on the blog)

Just neat — our place in the galaxy.

You ever play the old Atari E.T. game? Other people somehow have not pushed it out of their minds, either.

And RIP, Esther Williams.

Michael Fornabaio

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  1. raul17 says:

    Good to know that Professional Goaltender Tryout agreements allows keeping the game jersey! It’s good to know that during the life of the contract, there will be no strike or lockout. Too bad that there was not no imput from “non-interested” third parties (aka fans) to have a clause that would have stated something to the effect that if the NHL or the NHLPA exercises their right to early terminate the CBA, that the terms of the agreement would continue as if neither party ask for the early termination while negotiating a new pact and until said pact is signed. Or something like that.