Day 5: Landry to the Wild, Riley to the Rock

Jon Landry to Minnesota; Blair Riley to St. John’s. In Bridgeport, the kiddies are away at camp.

One last plug for The Big Assist; the rosters are here.

The Hall of Fame class includes Fred Shero, Geraldine Heaney, Chris Chelios, Brendan Shanahan and Scott Niedermayer.

Good gravy. Such a sad story.

Much more brightly, a really neat story from the Journal about the Pine Tar Game — 30 years ago? Is that conceivably possible? — and the kid who made it all happen. Speaking of baseball, (a) holy cro can the Mets just start their games in the 12th; (2) remind me to have a word with Messrs. Sundstrom and Nilsson about their ballcap choices.

Michael Fornabaio