Penguins fly south, east?

Back from a few days away…

Former Penguins are going everywhere: Tim Wallace to Sweden. Tom Grace to the Show as team-services man for Florida.

Edit: Some alumni moves today, belatedly noted at Elite Prospects: Dustin Kohn to England; Scott Howes to Slovenia.

The ECHL rights to Daniel Maggio, who impressed in a one-game stint here, went to San Francisco. Long Islander Mike Marcou to Hartford.

Robbie Ftorek becomes an assistant in Abbotsford (h/t: Hank). Had missed that Cail MacLean became girls coach at Kimball Union in New Hampshire. Utica finished off its staff too. Meanwhile, onetime Sound Tigers defenseman Aaron Power* is now an assistant in Las Vegas.

Longtime and prominent hockey agent Bill Zito is becoming an assistant GM for Columbus.

Giving hockeytwitter something to hyperobsess over on a summer Monday, the Sports Business Journal minor league market rankings have returned. So has their pairing of Norwich and West Haven as an entity. The methodology still feels like voodoo. Still, it’s Aug. 12, and Bridgeport (pardon me, Bridgeport/Danbury) is up to 50th, so, whatever, take that, Staten Island; you’ll never be part of a bustling American sports hotbed metropolis like us, or like Sioux Falls**.

And RIP, Karen Black, Eydie Gorme, Jim Gintonio, Jordan Boyd, Shawn Burr and Frank DeLuca.

*-His name plus Greg Cronin’s accent was simply fantastic.
**-At least they’ve taken “Long Island” out of the mix.

Michael Fornabaio

4 Responses

  1. Not that I’ve heard, no

  2. Len says:

    Glad to hear Tom Grace got a position with the Panthers. He’s one of the most personable people I ever met at Sound Tigers games.He had that unique style of broadcasting games while standing the entire game and his great enthusiasm and knowledge of hockey. I’ll miss listening to him when WBS played on Sound Tiger off-nights.
    Even though this seasons schedule has yet to be released, is there any mention of an NHL pre-season game at Webster Bank Arena?

  3. They suggested two or three weeks about a week ago, so probably a week or two. #wheresmyspycamera (Also, it’s really easy to typo “spy camera” as “soy camera” and laugh about it for five minutes.)

  4. Jeff says:

    Any word on the schedule? They usually put up the giant sheet with the pegs on the AHL website before the schedule comes out and I haven’t seen that board yet. Thank you.