BST 25-man roster, ’cause it’s baseball playoff time


The only cuts today cleared out the only two tryouts on the Bridgeport roster, forwards Sean Wiles and Brayden Irwin. Wiles goes back to Reading; Irwin goes back to Stockton. Two big guys that earned their way out of the first week of camp, but got to think it’s a numbers game for guys on PTOs.

That leaves 14 forwards (manageable), nine defensemen (high) and two goalies (good number) to begin getting paid tomorrow. They’re all under contract (18 NHL, seven AHL).

Also, as I forgot to mention this morning after seeing the back of his helmet, Greg Miller is now in No. 14.

Captain Kostopoulos leads in the Penguins on Saturday. Meanwhile, veteran centerman Manny Malhotra signs a PTO with Charlotte.

Mimeographs made their appearance in the comments yesterday; they don’t appear here, but that was fun nevertheless. (Didn’t recognize No. 11. Have heard about but don’t recall seeing Nos. 4, 8 and 10. Still have Nos. 1 and 3.)

Michael Fornabaio

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  1. raul17 says:

    I guess you didn’t spent much time in rural areas. Green stamps were like what they do today with that app that give “dollars” everytime you and your friends scan each others cell phones. Visits to the south, watching my grandparents use those things like my parents’ friends playing bingo at Sacred Heart church! My father used typewriter erasers in his drawings erasing sketch marks before paiting. I never knew its real purpose! Just like the hole in the skate key I used it to loop inside my key ring so I wouldn’t lose it. And the church key was called a bottle opener by grandparents (to open Coca Cola bottles) and a can opener by my parents (for the canned cans)! 4 & 8 were before my time!!!

  2. Imagine Friday provides some clarity.

  3. MAS says:

    Any thoughts on if/when we might get a captain for this team?

  4. I went through boatloads of correction tape, but…

  5. Jeff says:

    I remember all those items. i used #11 at school with those old things called typewriters. used it to erase mistakes.