Nothing special

At five-on-five: Bridgeport 4, Binghamton 1.

Everywhere else? Binghamton 5, Bridgeport 1.

Far from Anders Nilsson’s best day (he was pretty clearly screened on the first one; he said he didn’t get a clean look at the other two, either). Bridgeport battles itself back into the game twice, but coverages break down, a guy falls down (SHG No. 4), a penalty has to be taken. Kenny Reiter stops the changeup, but the rebound goes right to Hoffman.

Too many odd-man rushes (Reiter made some big saves in the second period in particular). Little things that didn’t happen. They added up, and five games in, they’ve picked up only three points.


Nelson was going straight back to the Island. “It was good to get in a game. It’s been a few days,” Nelson said; good, he said, to see that group again. “It’s a tough loss for this team. We needed a couple of bounces.” He was credited with six shots on goal.

The power-play drought ended at 21. Nice setup from Sundstrom to Persson. (The new power-play drought is three.)

Only other time a team started a game 4-for-4 on the power play against Bridgeport: March 28, 2009, at Hershey. The Bears finished 4-for-7 and won 7-2. (That was the night of Kronwall vs. Colliton.) The team record for goals against on consecutive power plays is five, done twice in 2005-06; the team record for power-play goals against in a game is also five, though done nonconsecutively at Portland in 2010-11.

This one seemed so odd that I spent about 45 minutes checking it: Tonight’s goal was the first one Bridgeport has allowed at home at four-on-three in overtime since Dec. 16, 2001. That was the 26th game in team history and the team’s first-ever overtime loss. Marko Tuomainen for hooking Ryan Christie at 3:23; Blair Betts from Jason Morgan and Oleg Saprykin at 4:42.3. Bridgeport had killed 22 consecutive overtime four-on-threes since then, over 30 minutes of combined time.

(There was one other regular-season, non-four-on-three overtime power-play goal to beat Bridgeport here, though. Much credit if you remember it.)

Team’s taking tomorrow off.

And RIP, Allan Stanley.

Michael Fornabaio