Wednesday’s ins and outs

Let’s start brighter for Bridgeport, injury-wise: John Persson returned to full contact this morning. He was the fourth guy on the Wiles-Langkow-Bruton line, keeping the other four as they were Sunday. Joey Diamond, too, got back on the ice; he took the first half of practice in a no-contact jersey. Both of them will be evaluated day-to-day, Scott Pellerin said, though obviously in different stages of their upper-body recoveries.

Mike Halmo practiced, too, which wasn’t unexpected; he appeared in a red no-contact jersey, though. Pellerin said just some upper-body soreness.

And Johan Sundstrom remains out ill; Pellerin said he doesn’t expect him for a while.

Mike Cornell on his two-game suspension: “It is what it is. It could’ve went either way,” Cornell said. “I’ve just got to accept it and move forward.” Scott Pellerin didn’t want to go much further. “We saw the same video the league saw,” Pellerin said. “The way the league decides is it makes a decision and tells us. We don’t have an opportunity to defend the player. I’ve learned in the past it’s a waste of time to argue. We accept the decision of the league.”

Elsewhere, tough break (literally, unfortunately) for Trevor Smith, with a broken bone in his hand blocking a shot. (No surgery at least, Nick Kypreos reports.)

Memory’s not what it used to be, but I could swear the charging rule was in place when both Adam Oates and George McPhee played. Maybe not, though, if they figured this Tom Wilson/Brayden Schenn hit last night was clean. Think the only people I’ve seen take more strides to hit a guy did it in a movie.

And high school season starts tonight (albeit without Hall/Southington senior forward Jim Nardi, who’s awaiting tomorrow night’s (hopefully) Class LL football final against Fairfield Prep). Several local games, including an interesting Division II matchup between Branford, one of the favorites, and Fairfield, the defending champion. 6:30 at Wonderland.

Michael Fornabaio