Beginning comebacks, birthday greetings: Thursday practice

Edit2: The AHL transactions quietly note AHL contracts for both Chris Langkow and Mike Cornell. Their PTOs were due to expire after tomorrow night’s game in Manchester.

Andrey Pedan, out about two months now with that persistent upper-body injury, skated on his own early this morning, Scott Pellerin said. “We’re on to a different type of protocol,” Pellerin said. “We’ll be monitoring, but it’s good to have him back in the locker room and around the guys. I’m sure it’s been a tough stretch for him.”

John Persson and Riley Wetmore, both in red no-contact jerseys, took the whole practice and appeared to get through it well. Wetmore won’t make the trip to Manchester; he has an appointment with a doctor tomorrow. But Persson will travel. “We’ll see what type of option he is tomorrow or Saturday; I’m leaning more toward Saturday,” Pellerin said. “He hasn’t had a full-contact practice. We’ll skate him again tomorrow and skate him hard.”

So as the players continued to work after the main part of practice today, Kenny Reiter asked Pellerin a question about what the Manchester Monarchs like to do in a situation. Pellerin opened his mouth to start his answer… and got a faceful of shaving cream from Scott Mayfield.

Happy birthday, there, coach.

Mayfield has avoided the one-way trip to Stockton, though, because Pellerin is pretty sure he knows who put him up to it. He figures he’ll have his chance to get even.

Edit: Oh, and the AHL will announce the all-stars this afternoon at 3, the team that’ll face Farjestad in St. John’s next month.

Michael Fornabaio