Strome an all-star

The AHL announced the 20-man roster that it’ll pit against Farjestad in the All-Star Classic in St. John’s, Feb. 11-12. Those 20 men include one Ryan Strome, who begins the day fifth in the AHL with 33 points, whose total leads AHL rookies (leads them with 24 assists, too), whose active nine-game scoring streak is tied for the longest current streak in the league…

And who, of course, is a New York Islander. It remains to be seen if he can be sent down during the Olympic break (Lindsay Kramer had a good account of those rules that we linked here about a week ago, and if I didn’t fear it’d blow up my computer, I’d go find it again), and even if so, if they would send him.

At any rate, he’s an all-star.

(If you missed this morning’s post, there’s bits in there on Chris Langkow and Mike Cornell, on Andrey Pedan, and on birthdays.)

Michael Fornabaio