They have to make it up in June: Wednesday notes

Snow day. Or sleet day. Or freezing rain day. Or whatever the heck that was beating on the window this morning. The roads were awful, most of the state was closed, and the Sound Tigers’ practice was cancelled. (Looks like the boys got the workout in, though; nice touch.) They’ll be back at it tomorrow, assuming we don’t get another storm immediately, ’cause it seems like that’s what we do around here lately. (Know how you knew it was going to snow Monday? ‘Cause you could see the ground again Sunday.)

Historic day up I-91 yesterday: Bruce Landon, absolutely everything for the Springfield Falcons over the years and the singular reason there’s still hockey in Springfield, is no longer team president. It’s kind of hard to fathom. He’ll be missed everywhere; hopefully he’ll be around on game nights. Edit: Forgot to point out they won one for him last night to break the winless streak. Also, Albany’s in here Saturday.

Stockton’s holding a San Francisco Bulls Appreciation Night for displaced fans.

Joe Posnanski has called for votes for the Bruce Springsteen Song Hall of Fame. Rank your top 10. It ain’t easy.

And RIP, Keith Allen*.

*-I love that “violence in hockey” quote. A slightly different version that I’d read a long time ago almost made my senior yearbook page in high school.

Michael Fornabaio