Milestones: Worcester pregame

Though Kevin Poulin doesn’t get them there, Bridgeport’s nearing a milestone: If you include the backup goalies and the playoff players, the next new guy to dress for a Sound Tigers game will be No. 400 in team history to wear the sweater during a game. They’re only at 388 who’ve actually played, not counting the 11 guys who’ve only served as a backup goalie, and 384 in the regular season, not counting four guys who only played in the playoffs. But it’s a number.

(None of those count Mike Sellitto and T.J. Fast, who only dressed in warmup, so you could say either Joey Martin or Justin Mercier hit the mark last night. But we don’t, so we digress.)

There’s also that milestone possible of “longest regulation-time winning streak in team history,” which could come tonight. Appears to be the same Bridgeport lineup as last night, except for that morningtime swap in goal (Kevin Poulin’s got his No. 38 back). One to scratch each way. Late change, apparently: They’ve scratched Quine and put Justin Johnson in the lineup. See how they line up.

F: Broda-Sundstrom (A)-Pistilli
Gallant (A)-Langkow-Vaughan
D: Ness (A)-Mayfield
G: Poulin

F: Tarasov-Kearns-Hamilton (A)
Gourde-Oleksuk-DaSilva (A)
D: Davison (C)-Comrie
G: Sateri

R: Ragusin, LeBlanc. L: Baker, Cooke.

Though we lived through Bridgeport Home Game No. 500 a few weeks ago, this is No. 500 at Harbor Yard, not counting the two on the Island in the first lockout year and the two in the Maritimes in 2008-09. They’re 291-149-15-22-22 (ties-OTLs-SOLs) here with 25 shootout wins. (So to save you the math, 266-171-62.)

Michael Fornabaio