Hartford postgame notes

Phil mentioned part of this during the broadcast of this one, and it was something I almost tweeted last night (and probably good I didn’t, because I’d have used yesterday’s practice combos, and I’d have been wrong about tonight’s group).

On opening night, Bridgeport’s lineup included 16 guys on NHL contracts and four guys on AHL SPC’s. Now, obviously, the year goes on, guys get hurt here, guys get hurt up there, things change. (Though, remarkably, there are really only a few right now. The Big Club has four injuries; Bridgeport, two, counting Andrey Pedan, caught between that arm/illness this week.)

Still, tonight, Bridgeport dressed a lineup that included 10 NHL contracts, three AHL contracts, two amateur tryouts and five PTOs. And two of those NHL contracts were guys who started the year on AHL contracts.

Worth pointing out once in a while.

(For the heck of it, below, italics are AHL, underscored are ATOs, bolded are PTOs.)

F: BraceRoot-Persson
Gallant (A)-Mangene-Johnson
D: Ness (A)-Mayfield
Finley (A)-Cantin
G: Poulin

As noted on teh Twitter, I’m out of commission for a couple of days. Hopefully back by Saturday.

Two points for Micheal Haley.

Smallest crowd in this long ‘n’ storied rivalry. Though not by much; night before Halloween this year was 1,857.

From the IceCaps’ site, how the team has adopted some Newfoundland culture.

Tim Bozon is out of intensive care.

And Fairfield Prep hockey had some growing pains but is the best program in the state. Darien had some late losses but was the best team all year. 45 minutes (plus overtime?) for the state championship on Saturday. Sounds about right.

Michael Fornabaio