No. 56: Tuesday notes

After sending Adam Brace down yesterday, Bridgeport had Ben Rosen up here today, flying in on the red-eye to practice. He’s the latest to inherit No. 25; I was kind of hoping doubly he might be No. 56, first because that’s the lowest unworn number in team history, but also because he could be the 56th player to play for the Sound Tigers this year.

Yesterday, looking at numbers for today’s newspaper story, I thought maybe it was time to update this post from three years ago. Good news: There’s no need (aside from updating Bridgeport’s total of 62 that year). Since Bridgeport’s season-long carousel in 2010-11, no team had used more than the 54 that Houston used last year. Bridgeport has 55 now. There is a little pressure from behind, though: Abbotsford is up to 50, and Oklahoma City has used 48.

Another new set of line combinations, with John Persson joining Jesse Root and Jeremy Langlois, perhaps most notably.

And RIP, Tim Sassone

Michael Fornabaio

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  1. raul17 says:

    My bad. Assumed that he wore #9 during the Tigers’ camp this year, but wore it once in last season’s game at Springfield a year go tomorrow! Thanks!

  2. raul17 says:

    Not during training camp?

  3. Not this time, it doesn’t appear. Had 25 on the helmet. Is listed as 25 on the site.

  4. raul17 says:

    I thought Rosen was assigned #9 originally.