Call For Votes: Fake Team Awards 2014

(Should really have posted this over the weekend. Including newbie Ryan Pulock, who’s in town, you guys have 65 candidates to sort through. And counting.)

It’s time once again to vote for our Fake Team Awards. You guys pick the winners of two fake trophies: Fan Favorite (choose your own criteria, ’cause he’s your favorite) and Seventh Player (performance beyond expectations, on which I reserve the right to break a tie but probably won’t).

You can vote in the comments (on this post only) or e-mail it to (Tweets won’t count.) Voting is open until 11 p.m. on Friday, April 18, and we’ll “announce” the winners here sometime before the finale Saturday. I’ll compile a Three Stars Award again off the official picks.

Please vote once and only once; these are just for fun. No changing your vote, either, so make it count. I’ll post a reminder or two or seven.

The awards history can be found on last year’s results post (yeah, we could use a few more votes; tell your friends). And if you’re for some reason curious how this all began, the introduction of the idea is here.

Please keep this post’s comments to votes, or at least discussion about votes. Thanks.

Michael Fornabaio

10 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    7th Player: Langkow
    Fan Favorite: Finley

  2. Jeff says:

    Langkow for 7th player
    Scooter for fan favorite, and how about best name as well

  3. Craig says:

    7th player: Chris Langkow
    Fan Favorite: Brett Gallant

  4. Jim says:

    For 7th man I have to also go with Halmo but do think that Scott Mayfield deserves a little love also.

    For Fan Favorite my kid picks Justin Johnson and I would agree. He always took the time to talk to the fans and is tough as nails on the ice.

  5. raul17 says:

    Seventh Player: Halmo.

    Fan Favorite: Johnson.

    Best Forward: Strome.

    Best Defenseman: Ness.

  6. Andy says:

    Tough team to vote on for awards. Never been a fan of participation medals or last place trophies.

    I’ll try to make my 7th man pick about hockey and that makes it easy, Mike Halmo. If you had 17-20-37 +12 123 PIMs in 54 games and solid time in the NHL before the season started then you’re a genius (and the Leafs would have hired you instead of Shanny).

    For Fan Favorite I defer to my kids and the vote goes to Scooter Vaughn. He cleaned up at the Booster Club awards too so I’m guessing a lot of other fans agree.

  7. Ray says:

    Fan Fav: Brett Gallant
    7th Player: Scooter Vaghan

  8. Darryl Hunt says:

    I don’t know if it’s tacky for an “opposition” blogger to vote, but as I’m usually the King of Tacky I’ll vote anyway.

    For 7th player I’m going with Mike Halmo. 3rd year player made a huge improvement over last season and I know he played some time with the Islanders, which after his first two season was likely an unexpected plus for the organization.

    Justin Johnson is one of the few guys that calls me “sir” even though I’ve told him not to. I don’t know how he treats the fans in Bridgeport, but when he interacts with the fans here in Worcester he’s nothing but classy. He’s my vote for fan favorite, although because I don’t deal with him that often maybe just use my vote as a tire-breaker if needed.

  9. Lori says:

    Fan Favorite – Justin Johnson
    Seventh Man – Scooter Vaughn

  10. David says:

    Justin Johnson for both