Watching the Final and the comics: Friday notes

The AHL summarized the multimedia broadcast coverage schedule for the Calder Cup Final. Without NHL Network ourselves and not being otherwise flush with the cash, we’ll be listening to either Brian Rogers or Owen Newkirk, figuring we can’t go wrong either way, when we’re not otherwise working. (Busy few weeks, as you may’ve noted on the Twitter.)

Elsewhere: Ho. Lee. CRO. You know, I saw Thursday’s strip and said, darn, that is one heck of a Watterson imitation/tribute in the punch line. (The language was stronger, but, well.) Holy cro.

I got a call Friday morning from a number that led with a 1. Seriously, at least according to the caller ID: 203-153-something. I wasn’t there to pick up and they didn’t leave a message, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have picked up, because seriously, a leading 1? Something out of a horror movie. Anyway, a quick search on Leading 1s got me here, and I enjoyed the story of the turn away from the TAlmadge-4s and TYrone-2s.

And after all that frivolity: it was, of course, a day to remember, 70 years later.

Michael Fornabaio