A New Mann and new men: Wednesday notes

Until Tuesday, it had been 406 days since the Islanders signed a Bridgeport-targeted NHL free agent from outside the organization. It has now been one day. We’ll continue to keep a running tally*.

Hershey has its new coaches: Troy Mann comes back as head coach after a year in Bakersfield, and veteran defenseman Bryan Helmer is his assistant. Notes also in there about Joel Rechlicz to Minnesota and Chris Bourque to the Rangers. As tweeted this morning, totally got to get Ray Bourque out of retirement now, right? Hall of Famers playing with two sons in Hartford, kind of traditional.

TEAM Old New
BPT Scott Pellerin (5/2) Brent Thompson (5/2) 
MCR Mark Morris (5/7) Mike Stothers (7/1)
HER Mike Haviland (Colorado Coll., 5/9)  Troy Mann (7/2)
ADK-a  Troy G. Ward (6/7) Ryan Huska (6/23)
SPR Brad Larsen (CLB ass’t, 6/16) Jared Bednar (6/16)
TEX Willie Desjardins (VAN, 6/23) 
NOR Trent Yawney (ANA ass’t, 6/23) 

a-Former Abbotsford Heat and new Adirondack Flames.

Other signings include Blair Riley back to St. John’s; Andrew Gordon and Zack Stortini to the Flyers.

And the Islanders signed a couple of guys or something. Not like they’re gonna play here or anything. (The roster is getting very crowded. An interesting change of pace.)

*-not really

Michael Fornabaio