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Solid 7: Albany postgame

In a wacky game full of seismic momentum shifts, Devon Toews was bedrock for Bridgeport. “He was outstanding the whole game,” Brent Thompson said. “Put the points aside, the way he played away from

No new guy: Albany pregame

A little surprised that Ryan Pulock isn’t in tonight; if he wasn’t going to play here tonight, the Islanders had a full practice this morning. Guess you can get your work in either place, but still.

Off to work: Albany postgame

Not a big skill play, Ross Johnston said about his game-winner early Wednesday afternoon. “Just bury your head and shovel it in.” It seems way too easy to say that’s a metaphor for the rest of this

Early game, late voting: Albany morning pregame

Albany pays its first visit bright and early as schoolkids continue to file in. These morning games have often been played the day after Election Day, but Election Day is late this year (obviously,

Box updated… mostly: 280 PIM

They’ve finalized the box from today’s game, with 152 penalty minutes to Bridgeport and 128 to the Devils. A game misconduct was added to Marc-Andre Cliche for a secondary altercation in the first

Games for seeding: Albany liveblog

Bridgeport is actually in the playoffs. Two games left to figure out where they finish. Hey, let’s do this one more time. One of those 5 p.m. starts in Albany. We’ll be listening to Paul

Coming back: Albany postgame

For a while, Bridgeport looked to be in midseason form. And by that, I mean turning pucks over left and right. This is a different team than it was then, though. Things settled down, even against a

Aw, Rats: Albany pregame

Inevitable. Thanks, Christian. Christopher Gibson is apparently well enough to back up, at least. He dresses behind Stephon Williams today. Graeme McCormack makes his pro debut, with Matt Carkner

Physical challenge: Albany postgame

Justin Vaive had a hit on each of his first three shifts. There were a few others along the way. He’s a big kid, obviously, but still, I wondered if this was something he was looking for, or an

Winning and stuff: Albany pregame

A mini-milestone passed quietly (at least in this space) last night: Bridgeport won its 29th game, one more than it won in each of the past two seasons. It’s only three away from its win total in the