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Feeling it: Albany postgame

Ryan Pulock’s blocked shot takes some of the juice out of this one, though we have no information yet whether he’ll miss so much as the skills contest, let alone time after the break. Which is kind of
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Unbroken pre-break: Albany pregame

Not broke, not fixing it: Bridgeport goes with the same exact lineup for the third time in four days leading into the all-star break. A few swaps for Albany from last night. One to scratch each way;
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Bedeviled Berube: Albany postgame (updated)

Word from up there is J.F. Berube left this one with a lower-body injury after two periods. Was otherwise involved and haven’t heard anything more at the moment. One goal in the last two games (Ryan

Whitney’s return, part 2: Albany unliveblog

Will be elsewhere tonight, so listen to Paul at AHL Live, or pay there to watch the return of Joe Whitney. (That last part is cut-and-paste from the last trip to Albany, with a different kind of
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Berkshire Leaguing: Albany unliveblog

RIP, AHL Berkshire League. We miss you. Plus this Atlantic Division totally should’ve been called the East. Plus the North totally should’ve been the Empire Plus or something like that. Did you know

Some nights: Albany postgame

“Some days, we come out flying, playing great,” Adam Pelech said. “Some nights are like that.” Like that. Flat. Uncharacteristic. The inconsistency is to be expected, but sometimes the way they’re

Somewhere not in the swamps of Jersey: Albany pregame

Just up the road 11 years ago tomorrow, Bridgeport played Albany in the Meadowlands at Continental Airlines Arena, later the Izod Center, soon to be closed. Mattias Timander had just been traded.

Last Ride In: Albany liveblog

We knew this day would come: Finally, seeing Albany every other game is winding down. This is the last game between the teams that’s in an AHL arena. (There’s one more Jan. 21 in Newark.) (Albany’s
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The four-on-fours will be with you: Albany postgame 2

So they start out with two really good shifts, a couple of really good scoring chances, and boom, Joe Whitney flies the zone, Paul Thompson finds him, breakaway, bam, it’s 1-0 Devils, and for crying

Another D out: Albany pregame 2

Griffin Reinhart was on for warmup today after missing a couple of shifts blocking a shot last night. But he didn’t take the line rushes, so it looks as if he’ll sit, Scooter Vaughan will move back to
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