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Maintaining speed: Tuesday notes

The bad news is four Sound Tigers were missing for maintenance days today, two games in. The good news is that’s all it is, according to Brent Thompson. Adam Pelech, Bracken Kearns, Travis St. Denis

Every second counts: Springfield postgame

Last night’s even-strength unblocked shot attempts in the second period, by my silly “scribble plusses and minuses” method: 17-9 in Providence’s favor. Today’s for Springfield: somewhat ridiculous

Clean start: Providence postgame

Things sometimes don’t look quite right in first games. And looking back to last year’s, you could probably reiterate that first paragraph. Actually, most of the second paragraph, too. “I think

A’s for Kearns, Mayfield: Friday notes

This thing gets going in about 30 hours. Brent Thompson said today that Bracken Kearns and Scott Mayfield will serve as alternate captains to Ben Holmstrom. “They’re solid, character guys,” Thompson

Pelech, Pulock down: Tuesday notes

The Islanders got to 23 this afternoon about the only way they could. They put Eric Boulton on injured reserve, they lost P.A. Parenteau to the Devils on waivers, and after we got back upstairs from

Waivers Day: Monday notes

The news of the morning came from the Island: P.A. Parenteau, presumptive top-line winger, is on waivers. Today was the last day to put guys on the wire to be flexible for tomorrow’s 5 p.m.

Check the veteran rule: Saturday’s lineup (updated with PVD)

A bit more experienced lineup than we’re used to seeing for exhibition games. “We wanted some guys to be able to play a game,” Brent Thompson said. “Holmer (Ben Holmstrom) has played one game. Bracken

Transaction Thursday

Bridgeport got a slew of players today and sent out over half as many itself. The Islanders announced as we got back from practice that Scott Mayfield is on waivers to come down, and another nine were

Familiar face, yes… Monday notes

Awesome story, overheard yesterday and confirmed today: When Jon Landry arrived yesterday, he was apparently very excited to see a familiar face, someone he played with last year in Utica, and he went

Camp roster: Wait, isn’t that…

A familiar face said hi at media day today. Late addition to camp, Jon Landry will be with the Sound Tigers on a tryout when they open camp for real tomorrow. Also among the group will be veteran