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Getting back to work: Weekend notes

Goodbye, Derek Jeter. I assume I will continue to see you triumphantly pump your fist in cold sweat nightmares for the rest of my life. — Ken Tremendous (@KenTremendous) September 28, 2014 From a different angle, same sentiment. Tip of cap, too, to Bobby Abreu, professional hitter, and Paul Konerko as well. Two from the […] [Read More]
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Catching up: vacations, schedules, notes

Through all of this stuff the past few weeks, no one relegated Bridgeport to the Central League? You’re slipping, Internet. Even if you’ve been to the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall in Washington, seriously, get yourself out to Dulles and see the relatively new Udvar-Hazy Center. The grown-up review is that it’s […] [Read More]

Ness, Lee qualify/schedule (one day)/Friday notes

Agent Neil Sheehy reports that Aaron Ness accepted his qualifying offer. He probably won’t be the team’s most-experienced AHLer again, but as of now he still stands to be the “veteran” defenseman. Sheehy also said Anders Lee accepted his qualifying offer, as Arthur Staple said Lee would. Meanwhile, all indications are an Oct. 11 home […] [Read More]

Poulin opts in: holiday weekend notes

A newsy local bit as Kevin Poulin exercised his right to salary arbitration, one of 20 restricted free agents to do so. That essentially takes him off the market; either he and the Islanders will agree to a new contract, or an arbitrator will do it for them. From Pittsburgh on the “new approach” to […] [Read More]

Final to the brink/Cro’s back: Monday notes

Texas is a win away from the Calder Cup after a huge comeback-slash-massive St. John’s collapse Monday. Travis Morin scored in overtime for the second game in a row, a 4-3 Stars win. Morin, if I’ve updated lists accurately, becomes the 10th player in AHL history to score two overtime goals in the same series. […] [Read More]

Flames in Adirondack: Friday notes

Glens Falls is now home to the Adirondack Flames, complete with something resembling the old Atlanta Flames logo. Clear victory. The buzz out of that press conference was that the Flames will wind up in the Western Conference with Utica et al. They made official as well that former Portland boss Brian Petrovek will run […] [Read More]

Road to the End: Thursday notes

This last week with an eliminated team felt different from other seasons’ last weeks, and I think I figured out why yesterday, dumb as it sounds. This is the first time Bridgeport will miss the playoffs while finishing the season on the road. The first five times, the season ended at home. But there’s a […] [Read More]

Links from away: St. John’s pregame 1

As noted, out of touch for tonight’s Sound Tigers game in St. John’s. It’s bad enough not actually being in St. John’s. Anyway. You’ve got AHL Live for video and possibly audio, depending on how things set up, but in past years we’ve also gotten a stream here, with the bonus of local music; not […] [Read More]

Refreshers: Thursday notes

Same cast today; same array, generally. Lots of systems work; some refreshers, some tweaks, it sounded like. Justin Johnson should be available. (By the way, that line — he was with Gallant-Langkow-Vaughan — usually has worn gray practice jerseys. The past two days? A purple we’ve never seen before. Makes you wonder what else Leni’s […] [Read More]

Two goals for Strome: Wednesday notes

There’d been four Sound Tigers to score more than a point at the AHL All-Star Game, but if I’ve not misrecorded, Ryan Strome tonight became the first to score two goals. (First one reminded me just a little of his goal Sunday against Adiondack. Turnover, capitalized, high glove. Just a different kind of pass, a […] [Read More]
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