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Actual exhibition games

New philosophies on preseason games: Nothing formal from Bridgeport yet, but Hartford announced its preseason schedule, which includes a game at Wonderland of Ice in Bridgeport on Oct. 1 and a Sound
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Hockey, Day (KC1): A visit to an Island

Called up the blog template on this computer for the first time since the last day of the year. Deleted out all the templates for penalty minutes, top-scoring defensemen, Alan Quine with the most

Roster takes shape: Islanders cuts

The Islanders as promised dropped their big set of cuts just before noon, sending 11 players here: Sebastian Collberg, Brett Gallant, Mike Halmo, Kael Mouillierat, John Persson, Alan Quine, Johan

Crowned: Islanders-Bruins postgame

Tre Kronor revisited… Swedish Meatballs redux… UPS… well, there’s no U in “Sebastian Collberg,” but… PCS? CPS? SPC? (That’s different.) If it comes to it, we’ll figure something out. The Swedes had a

Rosters for Islanders vs. Boston

The Big Club posted the rosters for tonight’s game in Bridgeport — one to scratch on D for Boston, I guess — and the Islanders’ includes a bunch of players who were here in the recent past,

Camp, Day (wait, for me or them?)

Our very first, preliminary look at a new day in Bridgeport. No names on backs, unfortunately (Islanders practice jerseys, but at least there was an Argentina Line, and a Swede dressed in gold), but

Camp roster released

Bridgeport’s camp roster (though camp is in Syosset) is here. Finishing a story; will come back and do some annotating in a bit. Some interesting names in the meantime, maybe most notably vet Jeff
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Day 2: Tweaks

“R: Lemelin, Luxmore. L: Briggs, Wahl.” –(tentative) partial blogposts from Oct. 5. Arrived to these forward lines: Halmo-Quine-Clark Persson-Sundstrom-Kabanov Diamond-Miller-Wetmore
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Day 1, Group 2

Computer’s in midseason form. Don’t Call It Bridgeport. But there was something resembling Bridgeport on the ice together in Syosset this morning while a different group went at Nassau Coliseum.
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Camp, Day 0 (again): Five tryouts

The Islanders haven’t yet disclosed how (or if) they’ll split their group for the next few days, but we’ve at least got the names of Bridgeport’s tryouts: RW Brayden Irwin. Stockton contract. Has two