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Experience counts: Hartford postgame (exh.)

I wouldn’t call you old, I told Kane Lafranchise, but as a veteran guy compared to this group… He smiled. “You could call me old. Maybe not in the American-League sense, but me being an older guy, a

Holy Trinity: Hartford pregame

Managed to find Trinity College, on the other side of Hartford from where we usually hang out. Nice little rink here, the Koeppel Community Sports Center. See if we can find our way out of town in the

Keep scratchin’: Hartford pregame

While that basketball tournament keeps them out of their home, the Sound Tigers have been to Maine and back and now come up to the capital. They’ll be without Justin Vaive tonight; upper body, Brent

Tuck Finn**: Hartford postgame

So that was the right call-up, I guess. “The first time I saw him, I knew he had good offensive vision, offensive instincts,” 100-win coach Brent Thompson said. “The big thing where he needs to get

Vantage points and french fries: Hartford pregame

Been sitting all the way up in the rafters here this season, thanks to Paul. It’s a cool spot to watch the game, almost feeling like you’re hanging over it, even though you’re far away from it. The

Good 20, less-so 45: Hartford postgame

Bridgeport didn’t like its second period. I wasn’t sold on its third, either. Regardless, the 23 minutes that followed the first turned what could’ve been a nice, easy night into a massive lost point.

Three-quarters: Hartford pregame

No Marc-Andre Cliche yet, so how the new lineup shakes down is yet to come. The lineup of the moment will include Tanner Fritz in Mike Halmo’s old spot after Halmo moves into Taylor Beck’s. Patrick

Crazy eights: Hartford postgame

Eight wins in a row. Seven goals. Four power-play goals. Even when things don’t click, they click: They quickly conceded that they got some breaks tonight. But they’ve evened out a lot of luck the

Do you wanna build a snowman? Hartford pregame

The Sound Tigers are trying tonight for their first eight-game winning streak in four years: The out-of-nowhere, turn-the-calendar-page streak to start 2012, beginning with Kevin Poulin’s three

Working blue: Hartford postgame

Hockey folks talk a lot about plays at the blue line, whether yours or theirs. Get a puck out, and buy yourself some time. Keep a puck in, and get yourself a scoring chance. Fail, and you’re chasing.