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What it’s all about: Hartford postgame

If you remember back in the day, an unremarkable PTO signing, showing up in No. 13, so unremarkable at the time that I wondered from a distance at practice if that was the return of an unremarkable

Day last: Hartford pregame

Kevin Poulin for the last game of the season. A few tweaks; Sebastian Collberg gets in for the finale, and Colin Markison’s out. The sick remain out. Hartford, locked into the third seed, has a bunch

Signs of growth, etc: Hartford postgame

Yann Danis, 32 shots, 30 saves, a few big ones, bad breaks, you feel like you’ve seen this episode before. But it’s the little things, like the Minions playing a solid game, like Adam Pelech and Scott

Travel delays: Hartford pregame

Charlottetown was eliminated last night. Ross Johnston was on his way but may not have made it out of the airport in time; was supposed to be in, but appears not tonight. (Well, maybe Bridgeport just

Survive and advance: Hartford postgame

“It’s a way to get two points,” Scooter Vaughan said. “I wouldn’t recommend it.” Hartford had a heck of a second period, was all over Bridgeport, and then Jack MacLellan brings the puck in, takes his
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Poulin returns: Hartford pregame

Kevin Poulin returns for Bridgeport tonight after missing three games injured. Appears that’s the only change from last night, with David Leggio backing up for him. Hartford has one to scratch.
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For crying out loud: Hartford postgame

These games are just weird. Another tough night for David Leggio. (Turns into a tough-luck loss for Kent Simpson; welcome back to the AHL, kid.) A mere 16 power plays, eight goals on special teams,

Left to start the second half: Hartford pregame

The injuries and recalls and everything else left Bridgeport with just one healthy extra. The ECHL transactions suggest they’re bringing another man cross-country, Lukas Sutter. He’s awaiting his AHL
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Got one: Hartford postgame

That’s not playoff hockey, you know. The 60 minutes before it had its moments — the first two periods were totally Sunday-afternoon hockey, shots on goal 13-10 and whatnot, but still — and then it

Showing up early: Hartford pregame

Figuring out when to set my alarm led me to realize it was the first time I was setting it for quite this trip at quite this time. This will only be the fourth Bridgeport visit to Hartford on a Sunday