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Novelty: Hartford postgame

Today’s Bridgeport lineup, by where they were on Feb. 1: F: UNO-Bakersfield-Evansville Stockton-Yale-Injured Adirondack-Bridgeport-Bridgeport Bridgeport-Bridgeport-Bridgeport D: Injured-RPI Bridgeport-Bridgeport Injured-Ontario G: Islanders Bridgeport Wouldn’t have thought of this if not for what I’d watched the past two days, but I think I saw a couple of Bridgeport’s college guys avoid playing a defensive-zone hand pass in […] [Read More]

Back home: Hartford pregame

Back after a few days of NCAA hockey (though indeed Funky Skaterboy’s at center ice instead of a big tiger) to find a few NCAA players. An assortment of juniors could be on the way soon, along with last night’s reported Kyle Burroughs. Sounds like Victor Crus Rydberg is likely as well. Kevin Poulin, new […] [Read More]
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Shut down: Hartford from afar

Bridgeport had been shut out seven times. Hartford didn’t have a shutout yet this season. Seems like this should’ve been a match made in heaven already. BRIDGEPORT with thanks to Phil F: Walters-A.Clark-Montpetit Broda-Root-Langlois Gallant (A)-Langkow-Vaughan Rosen-Mangene (now 100 percent more No. 57)-Johnson D: Ness (A)-Mayfield Finley (A)-Pedan Leboeuf-Newton G: Trudeau Reiter R: Hanson. L: […] [Read More]

Hartford postgame notes

Phil mentioned part of this during the broadcast of this one, and it was something I almost tweeted last night (and probably good I didn’t, because I’d have used yesterday’s practice combos, and I’d have been wrong about tonight’s group). On opening night, Bridgeport’s lineup included 16 guys on NHL contracts and four guys on […] [Read More]

Broken plays: Hartford postgame

What theā€¦ Great night for Anders Nilsson, who held the fort, did lots of extra work this week in practice, and made big saves. And it still looked as if he and the team might get beat on a bad bounce, not that there weren’t plenty of those to go around tonight. “We scored back […] [Read More]

Returns on D / Lokomotiv

Joe Finley and Andrey Pedan appear to be in for the first time in a long time; over three months for Pedan, a day past four for Finley (yet still earlier than most people expected). Marc Cantin and, it appears, Dallas Jackson sit out on defense; Joel Broda makes his Bridgeport debut in the spot […] [Read More]
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Unboxed: Hartford postgame

Completely different goaltending tandem for the Pack this week, which could affect things. Not so much, though there’s not as much to pin on David LeNeveu as there was on the tandem that’s now in the Coast from last week. Bridgeport just went and set the rested team on its heels for the last 40 […] [Read More]

Pack back: Sunday pregame

Looks like Scooter Vaughan and Alan Quine return today for Bridgeport, with Andrew Clark and Joey Diamond looking like they’re sitting out (Clark took warmup). A tweak on defense, too, splitting up Ness and Mayfield, which had been the usual pairing both before and after Ness’ recall. Completely different goaltending tandem for the Pack this […] [Read More]
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Net-front presence: Hartford postgame

So thanks to Anders Lee for giving me tonight’s lead last night. All those things Lee talked about last night? They did ‘em today. Good night, everybody. ….. Of course Hartford’s in about as bad a way as Bridgeport has been. But still. “Our team, the way we play, the way we have to play […] [Read More]
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Hartford Pregame

John Persson’s on for warmup at least; he and Brett Gallant split a spot, but otherwise the lineup looks similar to last night’s, with a defense tweak. Dov Grumet-Morris is away from the Wolf Pack with his wife in labor, so it’s a Jason Missiaen/Scott Stajcer tandem for the moment. Micheal Haley has been back […] [Read More]
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