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(Worn-out chocolate pun here): Hershey liveblog

Linkage: Alan calls it at AHL Live. Follow him, the team, Hershey, new broadcaster Zach Fisch and whoever else we can find. This will be the box. (R: D.Banfield, T.Koharski; L: Goodman, Lyons.) Still

Sweet nothings: Hershey pregame

Will be following along with tonight’s game, when not watching to see if the Cubs can fly something more than a ‘W’ for the first time in 71 years. I suspect Alan will be following that even more

Seeking seven: Hershey liveblog

While we wait from home on fallout from Anders Lee’s injury, the Sound Tigers did make one transaction already: They ripped up Tanner Fritz’s PTO and signed him to an AHL deal for this year and next.

Teams on streaks: Hershey liveblog

Bridgeport has won six in a row; Hershey has won five in a row and is 9-0-2-1 in the past 12. With #pointsforall, no streak has to end tonight. But one could. We’ll be listening to Paul

Power failures: Hershey postgame

It’s actually not an overly long time to be without a power-play goal. I mean, yeah, after tonight’s 0-for-3, it’s eight full games without one, part of the reason Hershey whitewashed them 5-0 (Dan

No Ness (NHL): Hershey pregame

Last trip in for Hershey, and Aaron Ness is not in the house. (Good for him, but still.) The Sound Tigers wrap up a three-in-three with Stephon Williams getting back in net. Couple of apparent swaps,

Ties with power: Hershey postgame

Better effort, better result, not the one they wanted, but a point. It came in part from the power play, and it’s just one in part because of the power play, but still, we’re not talking 0-for-25s and

Collberg in: Hershey pregame

Sebastian Collberg gets back in; see if he gets some power-play time, too. Jesse Root gets a promotion — he got one shift near the end with those two guys last night — and the rest of the lineup

So more tired than (ticked) off?: Hershey postgame

Sports is shared experiences and whatnot, but yeah, the AHL changes things up so much that when you say “Bridgeport hadn’t won in Hershey in four years,” how much does that mean? The only Sound Tiger

Idle hands often win the next night: Hershey pregame

This will be the Sound Tigers’ fourth game for which they were idle the night before but their opponent played (and traveled, though this’ll be the first time Bridgeport, which went out there early