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Draft day coming: Wednesday notes

Caught up with the Thompsons ahead of Friday’s big day. Wild that Tyce will be in Buffalo, but not at the draft. I really wanted to dateline it “Orange,” but we weren’t quite in town. I thought about

New guy II / Gallant returns: Monday notes

Quinnipiac announced that the Sound Tigers have signed their Travis St. Denis to an AHL contract. That goes with Yalie Ryan Obuchowski, whom the Sound Tigers also acknowledged today. We’re told

Watch Final, name team

The Calder Cup Final begins tonight in Hershey. The AHL is offering the stream free of charge, though you may have to register and enter a promo code. In the meantime, you can help name the new

Pirates to Springfield done: Monday notes Tuesday (updated)

Wrote blog post. Posted blog po… darn The AHL gave its formal approval to Portland’s move to Springfield on Monday. The Panthers apparently examined all their options and stuck with the franchise,

Hammer, Tucson, Mavs, carousel: Tuesday notes

The big news from the Big Club’s breakup day was that Travis Hamonic rescinded his trade request. Glad to hear things are going well back home. The AHL Board of Governors conditionally approved Tucson

More Pirates / playoffs continue: Thursday notes

Probably should’ve dropped this on the last post, but it was pretty fascinating and I don’t feel horrible about leading this post with it: The Press Herald’s final Wednesday-night lead on the Pirates’

Portland to Springfield / Gallant doing well

For every “Portland’s going to Lowell” or “Portland’s going to Albany” rumor, it seemed there was another one behind it. Today comes word that “Portland’s going to Springfield.” No formal announcement

Islanders call for Wright

Banged up up front, the Islanders called up James Wright tonight. A guy who’s been up there a fair bit with a couple of different teams and has been in all situations here. A big ding in all
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News not optional/Milner up: Tuesday notes

Ross Johnston’s three-game suspension stemmed from his coming on the ice on a legal line change. Things simmered, all hell broke loose, he fought, and Bridgeport had six guys on the ice. He’ll do his

Three games for Johnston/Falcons to AZ

Arrived for what’s apparently a Sound Tigers optional practice, about a dozen guys and the goalies playing a cross-ice three-on-three, to the news that the AHL suspended Ross Johnston for three games