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Backman, Manchester win Calder Cup

Manchester was pretty clearly the best team to come through here this year. Deep, fast, skilled, well-put-together. In their last season in town, they got it done: Sean Backman and mates got themselves a ring with a 2-1 win tonight in Game 5 in Utica, winning the Calder Cup. Manchester scored two goals in 3:07 […] [Read More]

On Goal: Manchester (2) postgame

Edit: Arthur Staple reports Griffin Reinhart is going up to the Islanders. When the game was still sort of in doubt — if it ever truly was — it was the third and fourth lines driving offense. Eberle-Sutter-Markison, Gillies-Sundstrom-Langkow keeping the puck deep. “Listen, the third and fourth lines are giving second and third efforts,” […] [Read More]

One last time: Manchester (2) pregame

Bridgeport and Manchester play their last game today. And it’s been all Manchester lately: The Monarchs have won the last seven, with Bridgeport taking only one point in overtime in those seven. Bridgeport’s top couple of lines, as we’re told anyway, revert roughly to what they were supposed to be yesterday, with Lukas Sutter in […] [Read More]

So long, old friend: Twin brother Manchester

ManchVegas. You and Bridgeport arrived at the same time, both with brand-new yet so different buildings. Those days when the barn was packed and the rivalry was a rivalry. The 2003 playoffs that could’ve been something special (“Monarchs in five” –some nut from the Connecticut Post) and instead became a short series and a footnote […] [Read More]

Full-tilt: Manchester (1) postgame

Well, that was fun. A little bit of everything, from big-time heavyweight bouts (got a kick out of Matt Carkner saying he hadn’t seen Josh Gratton in a while) to crazy near-comebacks (lots of postgame talk about how those bouts got things sparked, “got a little jam back in our step,” Aaron Ness said) to […] [Read More]

Big and small changes: Manchester (1) pregame

Kevin Poulin’s up. Don’t know if this would’ve been his turn, but Stephon Williams gets the nod anyway. Bridgeport signed WHL forward Calder Brooks to an ATO, but he’s not in the lineup tonight. So two changes that… may not have meant anything, anyway. The lineup’s juggled plenty otherwise, though Colin Markison for Lukas Sutter […] [Read More]
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Blowin’ in the Wind: Manchester liveblog

Cough: Thanks, Jackie, for correcting the header… I just finished reading Along the Cherry Lane, a memoir/oral-history-style book about the life and career of Milt Okun, as told to his son-in-law. Accord biases from there as you will, but it’s a fun read, and Okun’s had a remarkable career: producer, arranger, publisher, working with people […] [Read More]

Manchester liveblog, Black Friday edition

Livebloggery here, Bridgeport in Manchester. We’ll be listening to Ken Cail (audio link on Manchester’s site/pay-per-view). The Monarchs are on the Twitter at @MonarchsHockey, Ken’s at @KenMonarchs, and Paul’s at @thesoundtigers. Mini stick night at Verizon Wireless Arena! Hustle up there. The box should be here, and I think this’ll be the Hartford prescout. Hartford […] [Read More]