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Blowin’ in the Wind: Manchester liveblog

Cough: Thanks, Jackie, for correcting the header… I just finished reading Along the Cherry Lane, a memoir/oral-history-style book about the life and career of Milt Okun, as told to his son-in-law. Accord biases from there as you will, but it’s a fun read, and Okun’s had a remarkable career: producer, arranger, publisher, working with people […] [Read More]

Manchester liveblog, Black Friday edition

Livebloggery here, Bridgeport in Manchester. We’ll be listening to Ken Cail (audio link on Manchester’s site/pay-per-view). The Monarchs are on the Twitter at @MonarchsHockey, Ken’s at @KenMonarchs, and Paul’s at @thesoundtigers. Mini stick night at Verizon Wireless Arena! Hustle up there. The box should be here, and I think this’ll be the Hartford prescout. Hartford […] [Read More]

New guys: Manchester pregame

Guy Leboeuf makes his pro debut on that amateur tryout. Pronounce both names French, Guy Lafleurish: He is Florida born and raised, West Palm as the bio says, but his dad’s from Montreal. Game plan is to be that big, tough defenseman in his own end but willing to join the rush if he can. […] [Read More]

Reiter gets a deal: Manchester Liveblog

Kenny Reiter’s riding a two-game winning streak into tonight (7-2-2 in his past 11), has some of the best numbers on the team the past couple of years, and now finally has an NHL contract to his name. The Islanders announced his signing this afternoon for the rest of the year. (At 27, he’ll be […] [Read More]

Two stories

Scott Pellerin said he got two different stories. And in a way, there’s two for his team, too. Pellerin was talking about the two stories about that unsportsmanlike minor at the end. His guys told him one thing about Dallas Jackson’s conversation with referee Graham Skilliter after their late-game collision and Skilliter’s near-immediate penalty call […] [Read More]

Manchester pregame: No Bouchard

Watching highlights of last night’s game, it was even more striking than it’d been live to watch Pierre-Marc Bouchard work. With the time and space available at this level, he was something to behold, even the chances he set up that didn’t go. But he’s not in tonight. All we’ve got so far is some […] [Read More]
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Manchester liveblog

Haven’t heard from anyone Bridgeport-related about their trip yet, but the Monarchs appear to have needed about seven hours to get home from Glens Falls. Lovely. We’ll have Ken Cail up (radio popup available off their site, or video) and follow Corey and your Manchester MONNNNNNarchs. (I miss that trip.) Teddy Bear Toss day in […] [Read More]
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All-around game

Barreling in was the forechecker, laying a hit on the Manchester defenseman, forcing a turnover, getting the puck to the Bridgeport guy on the left half-wall. The guy on the half-wall, who beat Brandon Kozun for the puck and fired a shot (that maybe J.S. Berube’d want back, but anyway) that made it 1-0, was […] [Read More]
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Three in three

Right back at it, Bridgeport starts Kenny Reiter once again. Three starts in three days for him. Without John Persson, something had to give. Looks like Jon Sim gets the day off, too: second weekend in a row he gets the third game of the three-in-three off. While new PTO Mike Banwell is on the […] [Read More]
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Heavy penalties: Manchester postgame

The parade to the box was consistent. Maybe some were overzealous; regardless, it’s not like Tim Mayer put the whistle away later, and hey, consistency’s great. (In fact, I thought he was calling something at the buzzer; it’s not on the sheet.) You’ve just got to take advantage at some point. Bridgeport didn’t let Manchester, […] [Read More]