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Remembering: Sept. 7 notes

It’s Sept. 7, which used to mean the Blogiversary, but now memorializes tragedy. It’s five years since the plane carrying Lokomotiv Yaroslavl went down on takeoff, ultimately killing all but one

Schedule out at 3 p.m. / Losing fortunes at the track

The course of seven of the next eight months of our lives* arrives this afternoon. ….. Have been on vacation the past week, visiting a place I haven’t been in too long (though we only sighted the

Happy Anniversary: Upper-Body Injuries

More boring than usual. You’re warned. Ten years ago, nowish, this happened: Diet Barq’s, on sale at Wegmans! Oh, wait, the other thing More accurately, particularly for insurance purposes, a deer did

Vaive out / Watching from Toronto: Wednesday notes

Edit: Hartford 3, Toronto 2, final. No clinch today. Justin Vaive seemed optimistic yesterday after practice, but after today’s, Brent Thompson said they’ve ruled him out the rest of the season. He’ll

Traveling men: Thursday notes

Accidentally put a coffee-can lid on a hot burner on the stove. That was fun. If I don’t make sense, send help. Or, you know, less sense than usual. Anyway. Connor Jones has practiced as a fourth

What a Day for a Birthday*: The Blog Turns 10

Idle vacation thoughts, an organizational zeitgeisty convergence (thanks, Rene Morgan**), and the Web’s relentless advance led to this 10 years ago today. There was also this. I miss this. I had ideas

Redesigns, local rinks, Czech orthography: Tuesday notes

Hey, another new blog design. Let me know if anything’s less than functional for you. We’ve gotten further and further from this baby. Shouts out to Rene Morgan for designing it 10 years ago… this

Scorecard links, Twitter plugs

Happy Fourth. Bookkeeping: As they slip down the main page, the non-free-agent and free-agent scorecards now have their permanent places in the right-hand links section under bookmarks. (Yes, I know

Marathons: Sunday notes

It’s nine years since the Sound Tigers last took a lead in a playoff series (Marjamaki 2:11), and in a few minutes, it’ll be nine years since the events related herein. So I’ll ask again, for I guess

Non-home part of home-and-home: Portland (road) pregame

Just got my electric bill. Can I borrow a defibrillator? Bridgeport starts a home-and-home in Portland tonight. After Wednesday’s bleh performance and the expected return of a couple of regulars, I’m