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Defenseman skates at goalies practice: Tuesday notes

This morning turned out to be a goalies practice with Mike Dunham in town, but there was one notable skater among the few on the ice: Kyle Burroughs, in full gear, taking shots. He seemed to survive

Burroughs out: Adieu, Raffi: WBS pregame

First things first: Kyle Burroughs will be out “a while,” Brent Thompson said, after suffering an upper-body injury trying to stop Adam Tambellini on what became Hartford’s third goal last night.

Little dab’ll do ya: Hartford postgame

Had a feeling before the game. Just did. I think Toews might be the one guy I hadn’t quoted yet, for no other reason than I kept postponing featuring him on an off day, and there was always something

Game 1 Fun: a (recent) history of devastation

Bridgeport won six of its first eight Game 1s, but it has been on the wrong end of the next three, and on the wrong end of controversy at a crucial moment in each of them. This is obviously a key for

Reconvening for the playoffs: Wednesday notes

Tomorrow’s story in the paper is going to be about handling the changes to the lineup that come from losing one of your top two centermen (not to mention having your top defenseman and top goalie up,

News not optional/Milner up: Tuesday notes

Ross Johnston’s three-game suspension stemmed from his coming on the ice on a legal line change. Things simmered, all hell broke loose, he fought, and Bridgeport had six guys on the ice. He’ll do his

Tough start, and turning pages: Providence postgame

Game 76. A little bit conceivably on the line, though honestly, Toronto, Albany, take your pick: It’s a tall task one way or the other, and Portland’s win ultimately meant it was one of those two.

Busy days, continued: Tuesday notes

Adam Pelech in the house. Arthur Staple wrote the story last night on his comeback from surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome. We talked further; story in tomorrow’s paper. No 4-10 reunion yet, though:

New faces, same faces: Wednesday notes

Not expecting much of a different lineup this weekend, though the cast of characters got a little bigger today with the arrival of Kyle Schempp, who arrived the dressing room about 10 minutes after

Healthyish: Friday notes

Bridgeport expects Scott Mayfield and likely Justin Vaive to be available this weekend. Whether Mayfield plays both games is to be determined, Brent Thompson said, but he should be good to go. Not