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Belated tip of cap, JC: Monday notes

I don’t know how I missed this, but Jeremy Colliton announced his retirement earlier this month in Sweden. Concussions. Brutal. (In talking with someone about the Dane Byers hit on Aaron Ness a couple

Colliton waiting

There’s very good news from Jeremy Colliton: He became Dad to a baby boy this week, he said in a couple of traded text messages. But on the other side, “I’m still not healthy,” Colliton wrote, “so my

Hitting hard

You could probably have written something like the script to this one before the game, though you might’ve taken a Providence power-play goal or two away for realism’s sake. Depleted lineup. Depleted

Things add up

It didn’t look like their night for a while. Chances weren’t going. Anton Khudobin was making saves. The Bruins built themselves a lead. It wasn’t big enough. No Cizikas, no Ullstrom, no great shakes


When they were surrendering odd-man rushes every few minutes early in the season, this probably would’ve been one of those games you circle dread. And sure, Norfolk has been on the road forever, and

Turnaround win, Volume… how many?

So that’s two goals in four games deflecting home off defensemen. Two goals for Tomas Marcinko in four games. A goal and an assist for Brett Gallant in three games. A goal and two assists for Chris

Captain closer: Wednesday notes

It looks good for Jeremy Colliton to play this weekend, and today’s practice lines included him in the top nine, on the right. Colliton was with Tyler McNeely and David Ullstrom on right wing, which

Captain Colliton

Reminder: Live chat tomorrow, 1:30. The seventh captain of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers is Jeremy Colliton. Another choice would have been quite a surprise. “It’s a very big honor,” Colliton said,

Not yet

Thanks to a series of unrelated craziness, I was here way early, which meant I was here when Jeremy Colliton took his first twirl in some time. He went through a couple of light skating drills with

Campin’ road trip

Cough mostly suppressed and pee wee projects done, sneaked down to the Island this morning, mostly to put together some kinda advance for Saturday (well, Saturday’s game, Friday’s paper); also