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Staple: three BSTs set free

Today’s the qualifying-offer deadline, and Arthur Staple reports that the Islanders have tendered everybody they have to except Matt Mangene, Joey Diamond and Marc Cantin. They did tender Aaron Ness,

Diamond, Quine to Stockton/Wetmore, Brace up

Bridgeport has sent Joey Diamond and Alan Quine down to Stockton and called up Adam Brace, acquired about a month ago for Mike Dalhuisen, and Riley Wetmore. The timing seemed more curious to me than

Cross-checking back: Albany postgame

This could’ve been another one of those nights, another game to turn on a curious penalty call and drift away into yet another 4-1 or 6-3 or 3-0 or whatever kind of game. It did not. They weren’t

Diamond back: Albany pregame

Joey Diamond makes his return after 15 games tonight; looks like Mike Keenan is scratched to make room, with Scooter Vaughan moving back to defense. The forward lines, with Diamond in Vaughan’s place,

Wednesday’s ins and outs

Let’s start brighter for Bridgeport, injury-wise: John Persson returned to full contact this morning. He was the fourth guy on the Wiles-Langkow-Bruton line, keeping the other four as they were

Penalty avoidance 101

Three fights for Brett Gallant (including one in which he and Krys Barch took off each other’s helmets to avoid the new penalty) and a goal for line-with-nickname-to-come-if-necessary in the

Friday liveblog, several hours early (signings)

Bridgeport announced three signings this afternoon, so we’ll get the post started early and continue it later with game stuff. Under AHL contracts for next season: Mike Dalhuisen of Quinnipiac,

Wednesday notes

With only a few games left (barring an impressive set of circumstances that bring them back from five points down), Bridgeport has shut down Matt Watkins, Joey Diamond and Mike Halmo, Scott Pellerin

Welcome to the pros

It is, as we said before the game, that time of year. The time for the kids to show up and get some things done. Like get placed perfectly by Brock Nelson for a first professional goal. Ryan Strome

Two goals here, two goals there

There have been 30 hat tricks in team history including Jason Krog’s in the playoffs, and it’s undoubtable that, had he put together No. 31, Jordan Hill would’ve been the most unlikely name on the