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Spam and spy cameras

Edit: Joe Finley has signed with Hamilton, the Bulldogs announced. New spam filter catches comments (sorry, Raul, only five days later) but lets through spam “from” that TV “doctor,” or pitching wristwatches, or… technology, baby. As soon as you get it to work the way you want it, someone will “upgrade” you. Anyway, since the […] [Read More]

Broken plays: Hartford postgame

What theā€¦ Great night for Anders Nilsson, who held the fort, did lots of extra work this week in practice, and made big saves. And it still looked as if he and the team might get beat on a bad bounce, not that there weren’t plenty of those to go around tonight. “We scored back […] [Read More]

Ups, downs, across (CAN-USA Fri.): Wednesday notes (updated)

Edit2: ECHL transactions report says Andrey Pedan is coming back up from Stockton. So make it eight again. Edit: Bridgeport sent Mike Cornell down to Florida (ECHL) this afternoon. Presumably a further casualty of the numbers (see below), though interesting as one of the only two righty shots left (if you count Scooter Vaughan as […] [Read More]

Springfield liveblog: Enough with the snow already

Hit Wonderland for the morning skate (early-morning, because of ice-availability issues), then rather than drive home through the third period, stuck around to watch in the lobby with a bunch of parents. And then I got to do something I’ve always wanted to do: At the overtime buzzer, rather than watch a shootout, I stood […] [Read More]

Friday notes: Finley on the way

Everybody who’d been here before the break apparently made it back travel-wise; some had dicey connections, but they made it. The only absence noted: Justin Johnson, who’ll be out about 10 days, lower-body, said Scott Pellerin. There’s another player expected tomorrow, though, who would’ve been in today if not for the weather: Joe Finley, out […] [Read More]
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Finley out: who else?

Joe Finley’s tour of specialists wound up with the tough diagnosis: He needed surgery on his left hand to correct a “blood-flow issue,” as Scott Pellerin put it; Finley has had similar issues in the past, which cost him the bulk of his 2009-10 season. “It’s very unlucky,” Pellerin said. The big defenseman is in […] [Read More]

Monday Frustration

Not a whole lot of happy floating around the Wonderland of Ice this morning. They skated on one rink, crossed the lobby, skated on the other, then skated at the end. Then skated a little more. They got some vociferous instruction at times. We’ll see what sticks Wednesday. Further tweaks to the lineup; Halmo where […] [Read More]
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Crunch time, etc. – Friday practice

Same lines today at the Wonderland of Ice as yesterday. Looks as if they’ll go up there with these 13, six and two, making a decision tomorrow who’ll make up the fourth line. Scott Pellerin said he hopes to have more on Joe Finley’s prognosis early next week, before the game at Hartford on Wednesday. […] [Read More]
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