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Line realignment: Thursday notes

Mike Halmo, as foretold, appears ready to go, and if today’s practice is an indication, his return rearranges the longest-standing combination up front. Halmo was in the spot where John Persson has been, next to C.J. Stretch and Harry Zolnierczyk; John Persson was where Brett Gallant has been, with Chris Langkow and Scooter Vaughan. Obviously […] [Read More]

Knock It Off, Day 3/Admirals reinforcements: Tuesday notes

We were warned about David Leggio’s personality coming in. It’s been in clear focus the past few days. Radio appearance early this afternoon, Marek vs. Wyshynski at about 2:20. We chatted a bit about the attention today for tomorrow’s paper. Mike Halmo practiced today; took the whole thing. “One more day of rest can’t hurt,” […] [Read More]

Taking aim at the A with ‘A’s: end of preseason notes

I asked Mike Halmo what the ‘A’ meant to him. He thought I said the aim, meaning for tomorrow, and said “The guys are excited. We’ve been cooped up a while. I think everybody’s ready to play for keeps. … It’s time to show what we can do.” Liked that, but I meant something different: […] [Read More]

Halmo’s back: Utica pregame

With the return of Frans Nielsen up top, Mike Halmo comes back here. For now, at least. Wednesday at 3 p.m. creeps ever closer. He appears to take Matthew Pistilli’s spot today. The other lines revert to Friday-like, but the third defense pair appears to swap out entirely to get them back in. One to […] [Read More]
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So they’ve won 12 of 14*

Halmo steps on ice, levels Kessel. Already a fan favorite. — Arthur Staple (@StapeNewsday) February 28, 2014 Not a bad start to the NHL career. A few big hits (four in all in 9:01), a few plays almost made, and Mike Halmo’s an NHLer. Anders Lee scored his second NHL goal on a third-period power […] [Read More]

Recalls in units: Top line goes up

In every game in which Ryan Strome has played for Bridgeport since Oct. 30, the top line has been Anders Lee-Strome-Mike Halmo. The New York Islanders have the option of deploying that line together on Thursday: They recalled the three of them tonight. It’s Halmo’s first call-up. It’s a group that has worked well together […] [Read More]
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Video: Grumet-Morris save on Halmo

From Corey’s shots up in the Civic Center balcony, last night’s highlights include the Dov Grumet-Morris save on Mike Halmo; the play begins with Pierre-Marc Bouchard at about 46 seconds into the video. Bridgeport’s goals are not bad at all; lots of Bouchard in there, too. But that save was pretty wild. [Read More]
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All (mostly) good news: Norfolk postgame

Had a little good news-bad news chart ready to roll for the gamer if this thing ended up an Admirals win. They generated lots and lots (and lots) of chances in the third. But they didn’t bury them. They kind of got a dose of bad luck on that go-ahead Admirals goal. But, you know, […] [Read More]

Something a little different

We’ll look at those five points from Ryan Strome and those four points (or was it five?) (or was it three?) (hey, sheet says four) points from Mike Halmo and seven goals in all and four goals in the second and four power-play goals and what the heck was that?… But Scott Pellerin was looking […] [Read More]

Not big enough

It showed up again in a four-on-four again, Scott Pellerin said: When they need a big play, a big stop, a big moment, it has not been there in these first seven games. They led for the first time in five games — they scored first for the first time — but it turned out […] [Read More]