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Forgetting the past: Binghamton postgame

For the sake of all that’s holy: Forgot to ask Mouillierat why he left warmup early. Other things had happened in between, like this (in the Idaho version, I think that’s Chris Bruton who follows him behind the net) and six more goals. It’d been a while since they’d gone to center ice and saluted […] [Read More]

Places in history: Lehigh Valley pregame

Game 60 tonight. Time hurries along sometimes, and sometimes it drags (Matt Donovan plays tonight up top for the first time in two months, for instance #FreeDono). Seeing Donovan’s release from the cage while waiting for high schools this morning, I got to wondering about this: All-time Bridgeport defenseman scoring Name GP G A Pts […] [Read More]

Captain better: Friday notes

Aaron Ness was back on the ice with a full cage this morning after taking a puck up there yesterday. Good to go? “Best defenseman on the ice,” Brent Thompson said. So there you are. The most interesting tweak that appears to have stuck: Johan Sundstrom, not only in one of the more offensive-minded spots […] [Read More]

Captain hurting: Thursday notes

Was told Aaron Ness took a puck to the face in practice this morning and missed the rest to get medical attention. Brent Thompson didn’t have initial word as he left Wonderland this morning. Brett Gallant also remains out. (That’s about all of practice I caught, unfortunately: Fun with leaky water heaters. UI told me […] [Read More]
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U-ti-ca: All-star notes/Lamoureux let go/notes

It became the highest-scoring all-star game in AHL history, a 14-12 win for the Western Conference, though remarkably it was 1-1 at 13:45 of the first. Aaron Ness was plus-2 twice; that evaporated in the West’s four-goal third period. He assisted on the first of Shane Prince’s three goals in the last 25 minutes. Only […] [Read More]

Ness 1-for-2: Sunday notes

Aaron gets stopped in the Breakaway Relay, but we know he'd totally win the Active Stick event if it ever happens… — The Sound Tigers (@TheSoundTigers) January 26, 2015 Aaron Ness false-started in his puck-control relay heat. No problem: He started on time the second time and beat Phil Varone of Rochester by a hair […] [Read More]

Ness an all-star: Thursday notes

What’s here is about ready to go: Sebastian Collberg is out of his red jersey, back in white (along with the three who skated on that line Sunday, Alan Quine, Kael Mouillierat and Colin McDonald). The rest looked much the same as they have the past few days. What’s not: Mike Halmo, Brent Thompson said, […] [Read More]
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Got one: Hartford postgame

That’s not playoff hockey, you know. The 60 minutes before it had its moments — the first two periods were totally Sunday-afternoon hockey, shots on goal 13-10 and whatnot, but still — and then it comes to four-on-four, and David Leggio, who’d given up one from 90 feet a period earlier, makes some big saves. […] [Read More]

Knock it off: Springfield postgame

There was a game, and not a pretty game — well, take it back; not a pretty eight minutes or so — for Bridgeport. But in the years to come, unless the season just goes haywire from here, this is gonna be the day David Leggio dumped the net on a two-on-oh. And we have […] [Read More]

Comeback wins: Springfield postgame

Coming back from injury Saturday, going back-to-back, Aaron Ness took some good whacks early in Sunday’s game. There was a hard, lateish hit behind the Bridgeport net from Josh Anderson. There was a slash from Brian Gibbons. They both left him looking uncomfortable. “It was a tough game. A lot of things going on there,” […] [Read More]