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Saying goodbye/moving on: Friday notes

A visitor dropped by Sound Tigers practice this morning at Wonderland, opened the door after a drill, said something to the team, then shook hands all around (and got bear-hugged and lifted off the ground by one Justin Johnson). And then Pierre-Marc Bouchard was off to the Midwest. “It’s a huge hole, not only on […] [Read More]

Bouchard to the Hawks

Arthur Staple reports after tonight’s Islanders loss to Calgary that Pierre-Marc Bouchard and Peter Regin are off to the Chicago Blackhawks for a fourth-round draft pick. (Bouchard, at least for the moment, goes to Rockford.) With the season looking grim on the Island, the likes of this figured (and figure) to be coming, and as […] [Read More]

Manchester pregame: No Bouchard

Watching highlights of last night’s game, it was even more striking than it’d been live to watch Pierre-Marc Bouchard work. With the time and space available at this level, he was something to behold, even the chances he set up that didn’t go. But he’s not in tonight. All we’ve got so far is some […] [Read More]
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A swap up front

The Sound Tigers were joined by Pierre-Marc Bouchard this morning at Harbor Yard, a day of practice to try to rebound from Tuesday morning’s defeat. When they went in lines, he appeared to be with Alan Quine and Jon Sim, with Kirill Kabanov mixing in. The Lee-Sundstrom-Halmo line remained together. Nick Larson skated early but […] [Read More]
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Clearing the zone, clearing lanes, clearing snow

(Little snow.) This morning kind of went the way the first goal went. I’m pretty sure every PKer had the puck on his stick at one point on that shift. I think it went Langkow, Bruton, Keenan, Mayfield (who’d earlier in the shift had a pretty good stick-in-lane to break up a pass). They all […] [Read More]