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Pulock coming back: Thursday notes

Ryan Pulock was back taking the first set of drills alongside Aaron Ness at Wonderland today, which was a good tipoff: Bridgeport’s expecting Pulock to be available this weekend for the first time since Jan. 2. Everything’s feeling good, he said. More on him in tomorrow’s paper. Chris Langkow and Justin Courtnall were back on […] [Read More]
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Rearrangements (later): Thursday notes

Day of transactions, not that you’d know it from practice: The same cast was on today as was on yesterday. The most notable change was that Ryan Pulock is out of the red no-contact jersey and back in real-boy defenseman’s blue. He’s not playing this weekend, but that’s a step closer. Brent Thompson was hopeful […] [Read More]

Poulin out, McDonald up, Pulock on: Friday morning notes

A good news/bad news kind of morning at Wonderland for the morning skate. Kevin Poulin was off the ice, in hindsight, not early, but promptly yesterday. Turns out he’s dealing with a lower-body injury of some sort. Brent Thompson said they don’t have results of an MRI yet; that’ll tell them how long an absence […] [Read More]

Green lights: Pulock, Thursday notes

Cory Conacher and Matt Lashoff were on the ice today with the Sound Tigers as they came back from break, prepared for a (break-wise) second half that’ll need a push to make the playoffs, which seemed so much a given at the start of the year. They may get a little help. May. Eventually. Brent […] [Read More]

Time off might be good: Portland postgame

They were competitive. They worked hard. They were all over the Pirates most of the third period, shots on goal aside. But it’s another loss. It’s a point, but it’s another loss. “We’re in pretty much every game,” Colin McDonald said. “We really didn’t give up much tonight, just a couple of turnovers that ended […] [Read More]

Ness an all-star: Thursday notes

What’s here is about ready to go: Sebastian Collberg is out of his red jersey, back in white (along with the three who skated on that line Sunday, Alan Quine, Kael Mouillierat and Colin McDonald). The rest looked much the same as they have the past few days. What’s not: Mike Halmo, Brent Thompson said, […] [Read More]
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Pulock rehabs; we’ll see past that: Thursday notes

This is, Brent Thompson said, the good news, that the initial fear was worse: Ryan Pulock is going to rest and rehab for three weeks, then be reevaluated. “We don’t know if it’s going to be 3-6 weeks, or if it’s going to be longer,” Thompson said. Surgery sounds like a possibility if it doesn’t […] [Read More]
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Pulock an all-star

The Sound Tigers’ all-star representative is Ryan Pulock, leading the league, let alone rookies and defensemen, with 10 power-play goals. Now he has three weeks to get healthy and get there. (Wouldn’t be the first time Bridgeport’s rookie all-star defenseman couldn’t go. Heck, wouldn’t be the second. But that’s a ways away.) Pulock is their […] [Read More]
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Pulock out: Providence postgame

On video, Ryan Pulock takes a couple of innocuous-looking bumps on the first shift tonight. One comes from Tyler Randell as he’s moving the puck, with his arms extended; maybe it’s to the arm, maybe even to the stick. If I’m guessing, based on how he looked from a distance, arms steady to his side, […] [Read More]

Got away late: Worcester postgame

In more ways than one, this game got away late from Bridgeport. Late in the game, three Worcester goals. Late in the first two periods, Worcester goals. “Sometimes you take one step back to take two forward,” Brent Thompson said. “It was one of those nights where we weren’t dialed in the way we needed […] [Read More]