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Down with a fight (eventually): Springfield postgame

The gamer is almost exclusively about the last 35 seconds, so I’ll try to dwell on the first 59:25 here after mentioning that Brett Gallant, if nothing somehow changes, has a suspension of two automatic games coming to him, one for the instigator in the last five minutes, one for his third game misconduct (he […] [Read More]

Blasting away: Hartford postgame 2

Normally I write about something, and… well, it’s like the SI cover jinx. Sometimes it’s just regression to the mean. But last week I wrote Griffin Reinhart, and he got hurt. This week, I wrote Ryan Pulock to advance the weekend… and he’s got three goals in two games. It struck me even last night […] [Read More]

Poulin Wall ’14: Hartford postgame 1

You look up at the end of the night, and it’s 6-1, and the goaltender ends up third star. Sometimes credit for the goalie gets a little lost in a night like this. “He didn’t get lost,” Brent Thompson said. “He was very noticeable. … Whenever there was a breakdown, he was there to shut […] [Read More]

Ruining averages: 6-for-6 Albany postgame

When Ben Thomson was penalized for roughing up Colin McDonald — who’d neatly rope-a-doped Darcy Zajac three minutes earlier, making Bridgeport 6-for-6, seriously, SIX-FOR-SIX, on the power play — and Kael Mouillierat stepped in to cut him off, I thought, well-played, kid. Even this thing up. Playing with fire here. Mouillierat didn’t get a penalty. […] [Read More]

Playoffs somewhere: Monday notes

Bridgeport treated today’s practice a little like a morning skate, Scott Pellerin said, complete with the forwards all wearing orange rather than different colors for different lines. That’s OK. A slew of Sound Tigers weren’t there anymore. Stockton should be loaded up next month. Bridgeport sent Matt Mangene, Jeremy Langlois and Riley Wetmore to the […] [Read More]

Diamond, Quine to Stockton/Wetmore, Brace up

Bridgeport has sent Joey Diamond and Alan Quine down to Stockton and called up Adam Brace, acquired about a month ago for Mike Dalhuisen, and Riley Wetmore. The timing seemed more curious to me than the move (though Diamond was in-and-out even now), but Scott Pellerin said there were other factors around the rest of […] [Read More]

Heavy penalties: Manchester postgame

The parade to the box was consistent. Maybe some were overzealous; regardless, it’s not like Tim Mayer put the whistle away later, and hey, consistency’s great. (In fact, I thought he was calling something at the buzzer; it’s not on the sheet.) You’ve just got to take advantage at some point. Bridgeport didn’t let Manchester, […] [Read More]

A new day, two new guys

Greg Miller appears set to make his pro debut, and Alan Quine makes his debut on a pro contract (had an ATO with Grand Rapids), at the expense of Mike Halmo and Brett Gallant. Gallant had the maintenance day earlier in the week, so we’ll double-check postgame. One to scratch for Bridgeport, and it looked […] [Read More]
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First cuts ’13/Quine signs (updated)

Basically the only two people who survived that mini-Sound Tigers camp this week were two tryouts. Sean Wiles and Brayden Irwin remain on their PTOs; the rest of the cast is headed for California. Assigned to Stockton were Mathieu Coderre-Gagnon, Ben Rosen, Nick Larson, Sean Escobedo and Parker Milner. Released from their tryouts and sent […] [Read More]