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The Drought turns 12: Bridgeport’s (non-)playoff history

The Sound Tigers last won a playoff series in 2003, 12 years ago tonight. Since then, 24 of the other 29 teams in the league have won at least one series. Lake Erie*, the Albany Devils, Utica, the

Thirteen Years Gone: Hartford postgame

So the last day. Poulin’s spectacular, hecklers be damned (we’ll take the sober ones over the drunk ones; that’s a rant for another day). One deflection by a guy untouched at the top of the crease.

“Get to the ‘working overtime’ part!”*

The regular season’s over up top, so there’s no more NHL paychecks. The Islanders recalled all eight guys they’d left hanging around here this week to practice with the Big Club. (If they travel, if

Wrapping it up (well, almost) (with chat)

The Sound Tigers got their wrap-up meetings over in a hurry; well, they got them over in a hurry, as in they got them done today, within 24 hours of the start of the game that eliminated them. They

Swept clean

You could pin this whole thing on Cam Talbot. Man allowed three goals in three games (OK, sure, all in about 37 minutes tonight) while stopping over 40 shots in each of them. You could then again pin

Game 3: Matchup? Changeup

The ATOs are out. The boys who brung ’em are in. Howes, McNeely, Mouillierat in. Persson and Nelson sit. Guess if you’re gonna go out, go out looking like you did at your best. And a few of these

Out of his gourd

Cam Talbot, pride of Alabama-Huntsville (at least since that last UAH guy, who played here), made 42 saves the other night. He made 41 more tonight. He’s a huge reason the Sound Tigers suddenly need a

Game 2 pregame

Tony Romano and Jon Landry return to the lineup, with Kael Mouillierat and Mark Katic removed. It’s naturally Kevin Poulin in goal. The Whale have 2011 first-rounder J.T. Miller on for warmup, and

Changes tomorrow?

Jon Landry joined the main group for practice, which included some power-play work, and Tony Romano appeared more involved as well. Could they be getting in for Game 2? “Landry’s day-to-day; we’ll see

Game 1: Check

Two periods of a chess match, of the Whale rolling four lines (and getting things from the fourth) and the Sound Tigers matching well against the top one. And then three breakdowns in the third,