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Whitneyless: Portland liveblog (2/2)

This is the 19th time in team history that the Sound Tigers have allowed at least four goals in four games in a row. You probably won’t be surprised to know it’d only happened once in the team’s first

Portland liveblog (1/2)

We’ll be listening to Paul on AHL Live. You could also listen to Jeff Mannix (audio / video) if you’d like the Portland side. We’ll be following Chris Roy, Paul, Jeff and the Pirates. The box should

That’s the break, y’all: Portland (2) postgame

It’s hard to figure out where to start with this one. How about here: Bridgeport had 10 shots in the first 40 minutes, and only four had come from forwards. It finished with 12 of 23 shots coming from
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Petrov gone, history awaits: Portland (2) pregame

The Islanders announced this morning that they’ve reassigned Kirill Petrov back to Ak Bars Kazan, whence he came. That retains his rights, and as Arthur Staple noted, that leaves open the possibility

Shots not fired: Portland (1) postgame

We keep coming back to shots in postgamers with Brent Thompson. The first was dicey for Bridgeport, and the funny part is it wasn’t horrific in the corsi/fenwick/etc sense. They turned the puck over

One change: Portland (1) pregame

Kirill Petrov, benched and then demoted last night, is out tonight. That gets Josh Holmstrom in for the first time this season. Switch in net from last night for Bridgeport, though not in referees.
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Portland liveblog (1/5)

Portland! Which comes to town for two games before the break next week. Portland! Where we don’t get to visit anymore. Ah well. We’ll be listening to Jeff Mannix (audio / video) and following Chris
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Educating a goalie: Portland postgame

To start, Stephon Williams wanted to talk about what a heck of a hockey game it was, and it was; he’d been brilliant for 59 minutes, and it was hard to blame him for how it ended up. And as the

Pirates land: Portland pregame

First of five Portland visits this year; Matt Carkner and James Wright are out, with Jared Gomes and apparently Loic Leduc in. Not positive if Wright’s absence is related to his absence late in the
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An end to comebacks: Portland postgame

“I mean, we’re resilient for sure,” Harry Zolnierczyk said. “”It’s our starts.” We’ll take the first period as a whole as a start tonight (because you start with Brett Gallant’s first professional