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Third day, more changes: Springfield pregame

Three-in-threes may be slightly mitigated when you’ve got bunches of extra bodies. Bridgeport will utilize most of them against Springfield. Along with them comes a swap of right wingers. Homecoming for Jaime Sifers, the former Fairfield Prep defenseman from Stratford. Both teams have one to scratch. Looked like Justin Courtnall for Bridgeport and former Sound […] [Read More]

Three in three, sport unspecified: Albany liveblog

Bridgeport’s first road game of the season is Albany’s home opener, a scheduled 5:05 start. Got a football game to worry about first, so may not be focused here in time. But you sure can be. (Please. Then catch me up.) Listen to Josh at AHL Live. Follow Paul, Pete and the Devils. See you […] [Read More]
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Not happy to be here: Albany pregame

In everyone’s moments of clarity, we all know this isn’t where any player really wants to be. There’s a level above this. There’s the bright lights and glory and double-to-15-times (and up) the money waiting. It doesn’t make this level meaningless — every year someone snarks about the AHL Hall of Fame announcement, and every […] [Read More]
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St. John’s Pregame 2

The captain will be re-evaluated, is the early word out of the Bridgeport dressing room, so the Sound Tigers go without Aaron Ness on defense. Andrey Pedan draws in for him, starting right in that spot with Ryan Pulock. Bridgeport’s line rushes appeared to include Brett Gallant and Alan Quine trading off. See which way […] [Read More]
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Starting where you started from: St. John’s pregame

Opening day, coming back to where he established himself in this league, playing the team he helped to the Calder Cup Final: I figured it’s just another game once the puck drops, but was this day special at all for Kael Mouillierat? “Every opening day is special. It doesn’t really matter who you’re playing; you’re […] [Read More]

Game 76/76: Hartford pregame

Last day of the year. Feels odd with Easter tomorrow, preceding the exit meetings Monday. Feels odd being on the road, for reasons mentioned earlier in the week. Last time around with this group. Last time to see some of them in these colors, or at least with that crest. But it’s that time of […] [Read More]
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Two to go: Adirondack liveblog

Last call, before we get to tonight: Fake Team Awards voting remains open until 11 tonight. Both awards can still be determined. The Phantoms wrap up their time in Glens Falls tonight, though there’s a lot to be determined about whether there’ll be someone replacing them next year (a lot to be determined everywhere, as […] [Read More]

Welcome to Pulock: Adirondack pregame

Obviously the whole “Foam” thing was a ruse to get Ryan Pulock a home game. A sop for the fans who suffered all year. (Or something.) Pulock arrived in time for this morning’s team picture and will make his pro debut tonight against Adirondack. The AHL return of John Persson follows a flurry-of-transactions day. If […] [Read More]

Where are they now: Springfield pregame

As the Big Club wraps things up today: Opening-day Sound Tigers, where they are now: NYI: 10 BST: 7 STK: 4 Traded: 3 Sweden: 1 Players on NHL contracts on each roster now:: NYI: 30 BST: 8 STK: 3 (Junior: 2/Sweden: 2) Players on NYI/BST full-season NHL/AHL contracts: BST: 10 STK: 11 So here we […] [Read More]

Ppd. (foam): Saturday POSTPONED

They had the World’s Largest Foam Party here last night, whatever the heck that is*. It was not advised. Foam leaked through the fibreboard, melted the ice and forced the postponement of Saturday’s game to Monday night at 7. Arena staff found the damage when they pulled the boards up, and Cliff Lydiksen and the […] [Read More]