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Cleaning up: Providence postgame

One thing everyone around this team talks about is how hard the players work. Hasn’t been in doubt. The results haven’t followed. They’ve worked to clean things up the whole way here. A lot of them

Ain’t broke: Providence pregame

Except for starting Kevin Poulin, Bridgeport’s lineup remains the same from last night’s win. For Providence, Linus Arnesson, the Bruins’ second-round pick in 2013 and just over from Sweden, makes his
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Three in 2:22: Providence postgame

An OK first 40 turns into something that, as Aaron Ness said, “just can’t happen.” One goal cascaded quickly. The Bruins got traffic in front of Kevin Poulin and used it to their advantage. They took
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Returning to action: Providence pregame

The returns of John Persson, Brett Gallant and Harry Zolnierczyk rearrange things a bit from how they were last weekend (and all week), though not incredibly. One to scratch; looked like Justin

Shots on goal, near goal, around goal: Providence pre/postgame

Those first 25 minutes, man. I know I didn’t tweet ’em much (sigh), but what I got out, I guess, helped do them in. Game could’ve been over. It seemed Providence couldn’t cross the blue line in the

Pulock out: Providence postgame

On video, Ryan Pulock takes a couple of innocuous-looking bumps on the first shift tonight. One comes from Tyler Randell as he’s moving the puck, with his arms extended; maybe it’s to the arm, maybe

Providence pregame

This is the seventh time Bridgeport has shut out the same opponent twice in a row, sixth time it’s been done within the same season. The Sound Tigers have never done it three times in a row. Kevin
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Similar in some ways: Providence postgame

Another Kevin Poulin shutout of Providence. What else was similar… In that game Nov. 30, Providence had the edge in play a lot of the night — a big edge. In at least one advanced stat (guess

And we’ll see who gets on the bus: Providence pregame

Kent Simpson was on the ice with the team this morning, one of three goalies. One ventures there won’t be three for long, and it’ll all depend on just how much “maintenance” Jaro Halak needs. But for

Second chances: Providence postgame

They still give up a lot of shots, still spend a lot of time in their own end (though less today in the third, a big part of the finish), still live a little dangerously sometimes. Today’s