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Second chances: Providence postgame

They still give up a lot of shots, still spend a lot of time in their own end (though less today in the third, a big part of the finish), still live a little dangerously sometimes. Today’s streak-breakin’ win seemed to limit some of those endless shifts in their own end. Yeah, they had a […] [Read More]

Big one missing: Providence pregame

No Ryan Pulock, apparently, today. Not-injured is about all we got. Could be precautionary in case the Islanders need/want him. Could be for naught. We’ll see. With Jesse Graham (upper body) hurting, Scooter Vaughan moves back to defense for the first time this year. Sebastian Collberg’s back in for Pulock. BRIDGEPORT F: Collberg-Mouillierat (A)-McDonald Halmo […] [Read More]
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Seven’s a trend: Providence postgame

Tough start. They spend most of the first period in their own end but do enough to get out of it down only… 1-1? “That’s obviously a huge goal,” Andrew Clark said, “for Marty (Joey Martin) to read the play and pick the pass off, make a nice shot. We came in after the first, […] [Read More]

Sliding up one: Providence pregame

Home-and-home finishes up with a different goalie matchup; Anders Nilsson and Niklas Svedberg play to start this weekend after sitting out to end last weekend. Some tweaks in the Bruins lineup. The big tweak in the Bridgeport lineup of “one whole line missing,” of course; the newbies and Joey Diamond step in. There’s another minor […] [Read More]

‘Tigers are hot’: Providence postgame

Shots were something like 17-3 at one point in the first, all Providence. There are times that doesn’t say much about the territorial game, but tonight, yeah, it did. Totally. The first was the Bruins’, except for Kenny Reiter, who shook off four weeks’ rust after a couple of minutes and was brilliant the rest […] [Read More]

Same lineup for now: Providence pregame

So one more day with this lineup (a swap in goal at the end of the three-in-three, and looks like Dallas Jackson gets back in) before the NHL’s trade freeze ends tonight at midnight. The organization’s next game after this one is the one Thursday night on the Island. You figure at least two-thirds of […] [Read More]

Providence HOME liveblog

Looks ugly out there; actually, the postgame forecast looks uglier. Be careful if you’re out there too. I’ve been called off, so if you say “forget it” too, hang out here. We’ll listen to Phil and follow Corey and see what excitement comes. If you had tickets for this one, the team said this morning […] [Read More]

Sacrificing for a point

Like a lot of the Sound Tigers, right to the end, Chris Bruton was laying out to block a shot. Hard to believe in a game where 45 shots got through to Kenny Reiter, but Bridgeport blocked a lot of shots tonight. “It helped us build momentum,” Bruton said. “We played the hard-nosed hockey we […] [Read More]

No Persson, but others back

John Persson’s return is delayed: The big winger had a setback in his recovery, Scott Pellerin said. So they’ll wait and watch him some more; not on the trip, though. Chris Bruton and Marc Cantin do appear to be good to go, though, Cantin reunited with Calvin de Haan, and Mike Cornell reunited with first-night […] [Read More]
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Rampant nostalgia, Game 75 edition

Late-season game. Not much on the line. Lackluster evening. Michael Hutchinson in goal. Basically, I found myself missing Justin DiBenedetto. But really once Bridgeport was eliminated Friday, tonight’s story was going to be the goaltender, one way or the other. He looked good, and here’s Anders Nilsson: “I felt great. I don’t know, I can’t […] [Read More]