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One vet in, one vet not: Monday notes

The Islanders announced near the end of Bridgeport’s practice that they’ve signed veteran forward Steve Bernier, bringing him back on a two-way contract, and he’s on waivers to come here. Physically,

All/some/none: Wednesday’s notes Thursday

So I managed to write a blog post, but not post it, Wednesday? Impressive work. Good thing Pulock got called up (for Nick Leddy, apparently). The gist: The players who’ve been banged up this week may

Every second counts: Springfield postgame

Last night’s even-strength unblocked shot attempts in the second period, by my silly “scribble plusses and minuses” method: 17-9 in Providence’s favor. Today’s for Springfield: somewhat ridiculous

“It was the olden days”*: Thunderbirds! pregame

The promos this week tipped me off that tonight’s Treehouse of Horror is the 600th episode of The Simpsons. It’s the 588th home game for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers today, and considering the 12-year

Start strong, finish however: Providence pregame

The whole “get off to a good start” thing only means so much in a long season. The first five times the Sound Tigers missed the playoffs, they won the first game of the season. (The past two, 2013-14

A’s for Kearns, Mayfield: Friday notes

This thing gets going in about 30 hours. Brent Thompson said today that Bracken Kearns and Scott Mayfield will serve as alternate captains to Ben Holmstrom. “They’re solid, character guys,” Thompson

Breaking up families: Tuesday notes

Roughly the same group at Wonderland today as was at Harbor Yard yesterday, with the additions of goalie Clay Witt and one Jon Landry. Had a nice chat with Landry that’ll go in the paper tomorrow. The

Group I Players/Group II Players: Thursday notes

Feel like trying to read the tea leaves? Here’s how the groups were broken up today, though if they knew whether one group or the other is playing Saturday up here, it wasn’t readily available (pairs

Schedule release, sorta: Wednesday notes

It’s not quite “Here’s your stupid spy camera” yet, but St. John’s briefly revealed six games today complete with opponents. Then it took down two of the three opponents. By this time they may not

Carkner retires: Wednesday notes

Matt Carkner made it official today: he has retired from playing. He’ll still be around as a coach, though. So ends a 15-year pro playing career — he started the same year that the Sound Tigers