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Game plans: Lehigh Valley postgame

To sort-of steal a line from Bracken Kearns, 10 games ago, who knows how this turns out. They’re down 2-0 early, then again by a goal after they erase that deficit. “We stayed with it,” Ben Holmstrom

All hands back on deck: Thursday notes

If Bridgeport had practiced Monday and Ryan Pulock had never blocked that shot Saturday night, I imagine this is how it would have looked. Same lines. Same pairs, except Loic Leduc in for Scott

Working blue: Hartford postgame

Hockey folks talk a lot about plays at the blue line, whether yours or theirs. Get a puck out, and buy yourself some time. Keep a puck in, and get yourself a scoring chance. Fail, and you’re chasing.

Like Ice in the Sun: Thursday notes

When hockey players and coaches come off the ice commenting about it, you know it was frigid at Wonderland today. Status quo*, though Ross Johnston is once again taking contact. He won’t play this

Forty shots: Springfield postgame

Been hearing Brent Thompson talk for like two years about shooting the puck more. (I know every time I bring it up it seems like he’s been saying it for a longer time; he kind of has.) This time, it
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“That was 10 minutes ago!*”: Sunday notes

I should’ve had some guts and led today’s story this way, but I only hinted at it: Rather than the Land of Chocolate, the Sound Tigers spent Sunday at the Land of Wonder. Ehh. It’s not even that good.
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Berube back, Aneloski in: Tuesday notes

Bryce Aneloski joined the group, up from Missouri wearing No. 55, as did Calder Cup-winning goalie Jean-Francois Berube… again, back from the injury he suffered in Albany on Nov. 25. He’ll play
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Whitneyless: Portland liveblog (2/2)

This is the 19th time in team history that the Sound Tigers have allowed at least four goals in four games in a row. You probably won’t be surprised to know it’d only happened once in the team’s first

“Were they sent to hell?” “Worse, Wisconsin”: pregame notes

Liveblog on a separate post, because this set of accumulated notes and links got long after a day off, a trip to Stratford for golbol presentations, and a haircut: Quite the night last night for Adam

Quine STILL closer: Wednesday notes

Further to yesterday’s post and this morning’s story, Alan Quine took contact this morning in practice and said he felt good. Brent Thompson reiterated that they’ll take it day by day, but it’s a
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