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Leggio day-to-day/Andrey’s gone: Wednesday notes

Bridgeport practiced this morning a man short on defense — Andrey Pedan’s got a game tonight for Utica — and, for a while, with an extra goalie. But David Leggio departed early. “It depends how his body responds,” Brent Thompson said. “Right now, the big thing for me is I don’t know how he’s going […] [Read More]

Work ethic: Monday notes/RIPs

Bridgeport typically has Monday off after a three-in-three. Not this morning at Wonderland. A spirited 50 minutes or so, high pace even for a Brent Thompson practice. “A couple of reasons. We wanted to break the week up, one,” he said; they’ll take tomorrow off. “Two, we didn’t feel we earned a chance to have […] [Read More]
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Sunday long weekend Albany liveblog

Bridgeport tries for a modern split of a three-in-three weekend today in Albany. Warmup soon at the Times Union Center sponsored by Hearst: We’ll be listening to Rob Adams today, filling in for Phil, at AHL Live, assuming one of our computers and NEW! Frontier internet can handle the strain of its being 2014. Follow […] [Read More]
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Emotion, passion, effort: Springfield postgame

Thompson: "We didn't play with any emotion. We didn't play with any passion. We didn't work hard. It's that simple." #BST — Michael Fornabaio (@fornabaioctp) November 22, 2014 Pretty much. See you tomorrow. …… Perspective: “We’re having trouble playing against those guys for whatever reason,” Colin McDonald said. “One thing I’ve learned in this league, […] [Read More]

Looking familiar/familiarity: Thursday notes

A rare week: All hands on deck, no big changes in-week, no crazy stuff going on. I sort of expect something crazy to happen sometime in the next 24 hours, just because it’s been too calm. Sebastian Collberg and Griffin Reinhart both appear set to go. We always wonder about carryover in games like this. […] [Read More]
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Blasting away: Hartford postgame 2

Normally I write about something, and… well, it’s like the SI cover jinx. Sometimes it’s just regression to the mean. But last week I wrote Griffin Reinhart, and he got hurt. This week, I wrote Ryan Pulock to advance the weekend… and he’s got three goals in two games. It struck me even last night […] [Read More]

Poulin Wall ’14: Hartford postgame 1

You look up at the end of the night, and it’s 6-1, and the goaltender ends up third star. Sometimes credit for the goalie gets a little lost in a night like this. “He didn’t get lost,” Brent Thompson said. “He was very noticeable. … Whenever there was a breakdown, he was there to shut […] [Read More]

Wednesday’s alignment/notes

Only tweak today: Colton Gillies back up with Johan Sundstrom and Justin Courtnall, with John Persson with Peter Sivak and Sebastian Collberg. Griffin Reinhart seems doubtful for the weekend. Down in the Coast, Lukas Sutter scored his first pro goal last night. Unfortunately, it cut into a five-goal lead. Ryan Malone joined the Wolf Pack. […] [Read More]

Veterans and rookies: Tuesday notes

Happy Veterans Day, particularly to those who served… Griffin Reinhart remained out. “He’s moving in the right direction,” Brent Thompson said. It sounds as if they won’t rush him back, but “he’s making progress. That’s probably the best way to put it.” Still terming him day-to-day; too early to tell if he goes on the […] [Read More]

Line realignment: Thursday notes

Mike Halmo, as foretold, appears ready to go, and if today’s practice is an indication, his return rearranges the longest-standing combination up front. Halmo was in the spot where John Persson has been, next to C.J. Stretch and Harry Zolnierczyk; John Persson was where Brett Gallant has been, with Chris Langkow and Scooter Vaughan. Obviously […] [Read More]