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Getting very hard to stay: Lehigh Valley pregame

Dodging the DDoS to bring you… Will be otherwise occupied for tonight’s game in Allentown. (Gibson vs. Stolarz, says Bob Rotruck.) Listen to Alan on the AHL Live for free audio and pay-per-view;

All/some/none: Wednesday’s notes Thursday

So I managed to write a blog post, but not post it, Wednesday? Impressive work. Good thing Pulock got called up (for Nick Leddy, apparently). The gist: The players who’ve been banged up this week may

Every second counts: Springfield postgame

Last night’s even-strength unblocked shot attempts in the second period, by my silly “scribble plusses and minuses” method: 17-9 in Providence’s favor. Today’s for Springfield: somewhat ridiculous

Clean start: Providence postgame

Things sometimes don’t look quite right in first games. And looking back to last year’s, you could probably reiterate that first paragraph. Actually, most of the second paragraph, too. “I think

Song’s the same: Saturday morning notes

Bridgeport looks like it has looked the past few days of practice; the first four lines and three pairs of that array from Thursday look like they’re in tonight. Christopher Gibson was the first one

Gionta signs with Bridgeport: Wednesday notes

Bridgeport announced the signing of Stephen Gionta this afternoon. The veteran forward was in camp with (and injured with) the parent Islanders; not sure of his health status at the moment, but he’s

Lines for Trinity: Hartford pregame

Tonight’s lineup (somewhat roughly; I may have some left wing/right wing errors): 9 Andrew Rowe-55 Travis St. Denis-27 Aaron Berisha 13 Kevin Morris-50 Shawn Pauly-58 Lukas Lofquist 82 Kellen Jones-83

Breaking up families: Tuesday notes

Roughly the same group at Wonderland today as was at Harbor Yard yesterday, with the additions of goalie Clay Witt and one Jon Landry. Had a nice chat with Landry that’ll go in the paper tomorrow. The

Home-grown: Islanders postgame

Not only was it a Sound Tigers-heavy lineup, but it was a Sound Tigers-heavy penalty kill (and penalty ledger). One minute into the game, and there were Connor Jones, Colin Markison, and ol’ reliables

Defensive depth: Wednesday notes

A conceivably big signing for Bridgeport: veteran defenseman Dennis Seidenberg. Obviously that’s not a signing for Bridgeport, but it adds a body to the New York Islanders’ mix on defense. The Big