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Once more with feeling: WBS postgame (2-road)

“It seems to be the same ol’ song and dance,” Stephon Williams said after once again giving up just one goal too many, who has had a couple of rough nights but has also been in net when the Sound

All hands on deck: WBS pregame

Brent Thompson this morning reiterated that he expects everyone to get in this weekend; those out tonight (Ross Johnston, Travis St. Denis, Loic Leduc, and like we talked about yesterday, perhaps

New year, new site, new rules

The AHL unveiled a new website earlier Tuesday (if you don’t see a change yet, give it time). It’s fancy and probably works better with your fancy ever-so-smart handy phones, but it’ll freak me out

Accumulated from the weekend: Monday notes

The Islanders added Chris Lamoriello to their front office Friday, naming him director of player personnel. He’s well-known in AHL circles for his long service with the Devils’ organization. A Josh

New rules: darks-at-home AHL BoG meeting wrap

Much to chew on. I’m still technically on vacation, so please chew all you’d like in the comments. To bullet-point: With Portland gone, the East Atlantic Division will be a seven-team division. So too

Thrilling and willing: Providence postgame

The song’s been in my head ever since, and I mean, it’s lasted almost 50 years now because it’s catchy as hell, so why wouldn’t it. If anyone has a claim to it, it’s Bridgeport, but you think every

Three-minute turnarounds: Providence postgame

This game was tremendously disappointing. Should’ve been a three-minute major late. Of course you’re here to read about the Sound Tigers, not my weird-rulebook excitement. But then, this game was

Ludwig up, others day to day: Thursday notes

Bridgeport practiced this morning without Mike Halmo, who Brent Thompson reported as not feeling well. They’ll see how he is for Friday’s game in Providence against the Bruins, who’ve got Frankie

“Is it… is it Saturday?” – Wednesday notes

Sound Tigers didn’t skate today. As is traditional when that call is made late, I found out in the Wonderland parking lot. (Frinkiac’s 7F09 archive seems off; can’t get the above Krusty line with the

Feeling it: Albany postgame

Ryan Pulock’s blocked shot takes some of the juice out of this one, though we have no information yet whether he’ll miss so much as the skills contest, let alone time after the break. Which is kind of