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Rule changes, calculations, Souza, DiBo?: Friday notes

The AHL released its rules changes and playoff format from this week’s Board of Governors meeting. It’s yet another chance for people to get worked up over the California teams’ playing 68 games as opposed to everyone else’s 76. Logically, to account for the imbalance, the playoffs in the Pacific Division — and in the […] [Read More]

Arcobello non-tendered: Monday notes

Assembled, to the best of our ability, the annual Chicken Tenders list: players who weren’t tendered a qualifying offer, thus becoming unrestricted free agents Wednesday. A late addition: Milford’s Mark Arcobello, not tendered by Arizona after a season in which he played for four NHL teams. (They also non-tendered John Moore, whom they got from […] [Read More]

Three Senator goalies

A goalie fight is a fun rarity to see. Watching a team need to play three goalies is the Holy Grail, like what almost happened in Florida earlier this season. One led to the other tonight in Binghamton against Utica. Chris Driedger had left the game with an injury early in the second period. Peter […] [Read More]

Two points: Syracuse postgame

There were two points when this game could’ve gone either way, though obviously the second one was a harder climb. The first eight, eight and a half minutes of this thing were played pretty even. High pace. Fun to watch. Teams breaking up odd-man rushes. Teams missing open nets. (Someone may’ve tweeted that. Sorry for […] [Read More]

Three to make two: rulesy Monday notes (with video)

I do those rules things every year and then forget to consult them. Was reminded Monday that a game misconduct for which a player receives league discipline does not count toward the three that would get him suspended. Brett Gallant is, for accumulation purposes, at two. Would imagine final word on discipline Tuesday. Via @IslesEnforcers, […] [Read More]

Unusual circumstances, changes: Friday notes

Rulebook geekery plus rarity equals much fun Presumably the last word on the Leggio Adventure this week, about the Leggio Rule, from David Leggio himself after the AHL rewrote Rule 63.5 yesterday to give a goalie a game misconduct for such a play: “If that’s what they feel is best for the game, I agree […] [Read More]

Leggio Rule: game misconduct

As Darren Dreger reported, there’s now what you could call a David Leggio Rule, effective immediately, in the AHL. A goalie who deliberately displaces a goal post while facing a breakaway will receive a game misconduct. Such a play will still result in a penalty shot, but that goalie won’t be around for it. This […] [Read More]
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Knock it off: Springfield postgame

There was a game, and not a pretty game — well, take it back; not a pretty eight minutes or so — for Bridgeport. But in the years to come, unless the season just goes haywire from here, this is gonna be the day David Leggio dumped the net on a two-on-oh. And we have […] [Read More]