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Two points: Syracuse postgame

There were two points when this game could’ve gone either way, though obviously the second one was a harder climb. The first eight, eight and a half minutes of this thing were played pretty even. High pace. Fun to watch. Teams breaking up odd-man rushes. Teams missing open nets. (Someone may’ve tweeted that. Sorry for […] [Read More]

Three to make two: rulesy Monday notes (with video)

I do those rules things every year and then forget to consult them. Was reminded Monday that a game misconduct for which a player receives league discipline does not count toward the three that would get him suspended. Brett Gallant is, for accumulation purposes, at two. Would imagine final word on discipline Tuesday. Via @IslesEnforcers, […] [Read More]

Unusual circumstances, changes: Friday notes

Rulebook geekery plus rarity equals much fun Presumably the last word on the Leggio Adventure this week, about the Leggio Rule, from David Leggio himself after the AHL rewrote Rule 63.5 yesterday to give a goalie a game misconduct for such a play: “If that’s what they feel is best for the game, I agree […] [Read More]

Leggio Rule: game misconduct

As Darren Dreger reported, there’s now what you could call a David Leggio Rule, effective immediately, in the AHL. A goalie who deliberately displaces a goal post while facing a breakaway will receive a game misconduct. Such a play will still result in a penalty shot, but that goalie won’t be around for it. This […] [Read More]
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Knock it off: Springfield postgame

There was a game, and not a pretty game — well, take it back; not a pretty eight minutes or so — for Bridgeport. But in the years to come, unless the season just goes haywire from here, this is gonna be the day David Leggio dumped the net on a two-on-oh. And we have […] [Read More]

Chemistry lessons ’15: Thursday notes

Another few tweaks to the top-nine forwards this morning: Lee-Mouillierat-Collberg, Persson-Quine-Halmo, Zolnierczyk-Sundstrom-Gillies. “Chemistry,” Brent Thompson said. “Just trying to find chemistry.” It’s that time of year. It was Game 7 last year when Lee-Strome-Halmo first started together. Lukas Sutter has an AHL deal, as Darrell Romuld reported; the lone tryout remaining is Colton Gillies. It […] [Read More]

Rules Changes ’15

Better late than never, the annual run-through of changes noticed in a comparison of last year’s rule book to this year’s. It’s complicated by one massive, dramatic, mind-blowing change: The text is justified instead of left-aligned. Argh. Survived, though, so here’s what we’ve got: DIAGRAM/1.8: The top of the trapezoid is now 22 feet wide […] [Read More]
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Notes from vacation: Friday notes

Training camp gets underway in earnest on the Island tomorrow. (Burning off bits of vacation, as it happens in the living room, not that we’d be hanging out in Uniondale anyway.) The Big Club announced five pro tryouts in camp. They include C.J. Stretch, Chris Langkow and Scooter Vaughan, who are under Bridgeport contract. Ex-files […] [Read More]

Sept. 11/Rules tweaks/Thursday notes

Happy to be in New York, my second home, on this day. Remembering all of those who lost their lives 13 years ago #NeverForget — John Persson (@JohnPersson21) September 11, 2014 (We won’t forget. We can’t forget.) ….. The NHL announced some major minor rule changes. Some follow what the AHL already announced about overtimes, […] [Read More]

Day planners due Wednesday: Tuesday notes

Schedule. Wednesday. 11 a.m. #wheresmyspycamera.* Over the Boards reported that Tage Thompson, Brent’s son, has committed to UConn. Tage is Class of 2016 for high school, so it’s a couple of years away. Former Fairfield Prepster Will Brophy tweeted the other night that he’s given his commitment to Holy Cross. Tim Leone notes that there’s […] [Read More]