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Two Monday notes

–Kent Simpson, with David Leggio apparently fine, went back to Stockton. –The Dec. 21 game against Worcester, it’s now clarified, is a 3 p.m. start. Some schedules listed it at 7. (Not the league.) Bridgeport’s in Norfolk the night before, which surely won’t be fun. [Read More]
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Going for three: Schedule notes

If you’re going to avoid midweek games — and the Sound Tigers do, particularly now that they run the building, like the Bubonic Plague — you push games to the weekend. The result this year of having one Wednesday-night home game is a team-record 16 three-in-threes. We have seen some weird things in the third […] [Read More]
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Schedule’s out

Season 14 begins at home, Oct. 11-12 vs. St. John’s. Saturday at 7, Sunday at 3. It ends April 19 at home against Hartford, as a few have. Two morning games again, the day after election day and April 1. No night-after-Thanksgiving game here for the first time since 2005. And no Western Conference. That […] [Read More]
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Day planners due Wednesday: Tuesday notes

Schedule. Wednesday. 11 a.m. #wheresmyspycamera.* Over the Boards reported that Tage Thompson, Brent’s son, has committed to UConn. Tage is Class of 2016 for high school, so it’s a couple of years away. Former Fairfield Prepster Will Brophy tweeted the other night that he’s given his commitment to Holy Cross. Tim Leone notes that there’s […] [Read More]

Spam and spy cameras

Edit: Joe Finley has signed with Hamilton, the Bulldogs announced. New spam filter catches comments (sorry, Raul, only five days later) but lets through spam “from” that TV “doctor,” or pitching wristwatches, or… technology, baby. As soon as you get it to work the way you want it, someone will “upgrade” you. Anyway, since the […] [Read More]

“Where’s my spy camera? Where’s my spy camera?”*

The schedule question always comes. And though the schedule doesn’t sound imminent, the question always comes harder once the basketballers put theirs out. So after 11 years, I figured it was worth doing this. Schedule releases: Year AHL NBA  2001-02  Aug. 2 July 26  2002-03 Aug. 1 July 18  2003-04 July 31 July 29  2004-05 […] [Read More]