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Ins and outs: Springfield postgame

No, look, the shots were weird: Shots on goal may have been 13-4 after one and 21-10 after two, but the Thunderbirds had chances on which they misfired. Ironically enough, in the third, when

Scratches: Springfield pregame

No shots in five games for Josh Ho-Sang, no points in four… “It’s not about points,” Brent Thompson said in a quick chat in the hallway tonight. “It’s about effort and play away from the puck. (From

Willy win: Springfield postgame

He’s waiting for a victory this year. After seven goals against in three games, Stephon Williams is 0-3 and not thrilled about that. But he got back in tonight and, but for a misadventure behind the

Three in three (1): Springfield pregame

A few changes today; from the sound of it, just a swap or two and giving some veterans a rest at the end of a long weekend. Bridgeport looks to get six points out of that three-in-three with Stephon

Alternating current: Springfield postgame

Well this will guarantee that, at some point in the next couple of days, Brent Thompson will yell at me for never calling him for a quote after they win. A big-time result for Bridgeport, which got

Every second counts: Springfield postgame

Last night’s even-strength unblocked shot attempts in the second period, by my silly “scribble plusses and minuses” method: 17-9 in Providence’s favor. Today’s for Springfield: somewhat ridiculous

“It was the olden days”*: Thunderbirds! pregame

The promos this week tipped me off that tonight’s Treehouse of Horror is the 600th episode of The Simpsons. It’s the 588th home game for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers today, and considering the 12-year

MonsterThunderFalcon: Wednesday notes

Caught up with the local guys on Lake Erie as they started home after Tuesday night’s celebration. Loved the way Brett Gallant and Jaime Sifers talked about each other, the respect they had for each

Three games for Johnston/Falcons to AZ

Arrived for what’s apparently a Sound Tigers optional practice, about a dozen guys and the goalies playing a cross-ice three-on-three, to the news that the AHL suspended Ross Johnston for three games

The Other Way: Springfield postgame

After a week where they just kept finding a way, Bridgeport found ways not to tonight. Put 39 shots on goal. Often seemed just on the verge of taking over, popping one in and turning this into a