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Three in three in three: Binghamton postgame

This was one of those weird games that could’ve been both better and worse for both teams. Bridgeport wins it in overtime, Josh Ho-Sang carrying the mail up the left side and finding Kane Lafranchise

Chasing and chasing: WBS postgame

They did everything but score in the first period tonight. They fell behind in the second. They came up short in the third. “It’s frustrating, yeah,” Brent Thompson said. “There are positive notes. We

Not Joshing: Tuesday notes

There was one swap today from Saturday’s lines: Josh Ho-Sang for Josh Holmstrom. That’d full-time break up the Green Line for the first time since Oct. 21, but it’d unite a couple of other brothers.

Early game, late voting: Albany morning pregame

Albany pays its first visit bright and early as schoolkids continue to file in. These morning games have often been played the day after Election Day, but Election Day is late this year (obviously,

Willy win: Springfield postgame

He’s waiting for a victory this year. After seven goals against in three games, Stephon Williams is 0-3 and not thrilled about that. But he got back in tonight and, but for a misadventure behind the

Landry’s back: Springfield pregame

Three years later, Jon Landry returns to the Bridgeport lineup tonight in Springfield. “I’ve had a couple of weeks to get into shape,” Landry said. “I’m going to keep it simple and try to help out

Every child had a pretty good shot: Lehigh Valley postgame

Strongest of the three games, it looked from video, when Allentown wasn’t smothering the screen in graphics and fans and promos. (Didn’t actually see the last goal for a few minutes. Anyway.) Didn’t

Maintaining speed: Tuesday notes

The bad news is four Sound Tigers were missing for maintenance days today, two games in. The good news is that’s all it is, according to Brent Thompson. Adam Pelech, Bracken Kearns, Travis St. Denis

Every second counts: Springfield postgame

Last night’s even-strength unblocked shot attempts in the second period, by my silly “scribble plusses and minuses” method: 17-9 in Providence’s favor. Today’s for Springfield: somewhat ridiculous

Start strong, finish however: Providence pregame

The whole “get off to a good start” thing only means so much in a long season. The first five times the Sound Tigers missed the playoffs, they won the first game of the season. (The past two, 2013-14