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Yay, contempt: Schedule, second-looked

One non-schedule note first: Hat tip to EliteProspects for this story on Tim Jackman, who has not retired but changed careers. A good dude when he was here. Back to playing with the spy camera. A few

Exhibition sked/J.Holmstrom back/Friday notes

Unfortunate that I don’t have “Routine-announcement plug tweet sparks ‘BST to Nassau!!!’ speculation” on my Sound Tigers Bingo card. Eagerly awaiting the season so I can mark off “Routine send-down to

Wrapping up 2015-16

So here we are. The Big Club plays on; the Sound Tigers have gone their separate ways for the summer. Twitter will be awash with lacrosse before you know it. (mute hashtag ctlax if you don’t want to

Punch a higher floor: Thursday notes

The week drags on, but there seems to be a loose kind of excitement around the Sound Tigers. It’s a big stage. They’re the underdogs. “Any time you’re the underdog in a series, you’ve got nothing to

News not optional/Milner up: Tuesday notes

Ross Johnston’s three-game suspension stemmed from his coming on the ice on a legal line change. Things simmered, all hell broke loose, he fought, and Bridgeport had six guys on the ice. He’ll do his

Real, realer, realest: OT, shootouts, standings

“Aw, not this again.” “Quiet, you.” As we’ve been known to do here after the season ends… The Real Standings (OTLs converted to losses, shootouts reverted to ties): EASTERN CONFERENCE ATLANTIC

Tough start, and turning pages: Providence postgame

Game 76. A little bit conceivably on the line, though honestly, Toronto, Albany, take your pick: It’s a tall task one way or the other, and Portland’s win ultimately meant it was one of those two.

Split Decisions: Fake Team Awards XI

Thanks to those who voted, who split their votes (in more ways than one) to leave a close finish for both fake trophies. Seven players got Seventh Player votes; six got Fan Favorite nods. The Seventh

Sorting through Sunday: What has to happen

After 75 games, we’re still doing this. Fun. Jason Chaimovitch tweeted out the official version of this: #AHL Eastern Conference standings scenarios for Sunday, now with more accuracy:

An unknown future: Saturday’s (non-)scenarios

The Sound Tigers can’t know their opponent Saturday. It’s a Heisenberg Uncertainty, position/momentum kind of thing: Being locked in in the Atlantic Division means it could still flip with Utica in