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Wrapping up 2015-16

So here we are. The Big Club plays on; the Sound Tigers have gone their separate ways for the summer. Twitter will be awash with lacrosse before you know it. (mute hashtag ctlax if you don’t want to

Punch a higher floor: Thursday notes

The week drags on, but there seems to be a loose kind of excitement around the Sound Tigers. It’s a big stage. They’re the underdogs. “Any time you’re the underdog in a series, you’ve got nothing to

News not optional/Milner up: Tuesday notes

Ross Johnston’s three-game suspension stemmed from his coming on the ice on a legal line change. Things simmered, all hell broke loose, he fought, and Bridgeport had six guys on the ice. He’ll do his

Real, realer, realest: OT, shootouts, standings

“Aw, not this again.” “Quiet, you.” As we’ve been known to do here after the season ends… The Real Standings (OTLs converted to losses, shootouts reverted to ties): EASTERN CONFERENCE ATLANTIC
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Tough start, and turning pages: Providence postgame

Game 76. A little bit conceivably on the line, though honestly, Toronto, Albany, take your pick: It’s a tall task one way or the other, and Portland’s win ultimately meant it was one of those two.
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Split Decisions: Fake Team Awards XI

Thanks to those who voted, who split their votes (in more ways than one) to leave a close finish for both fake trophies. Seven players got Seventh Player votes; six got Fan Favorite nods. The Seventh

Sorting through Sunday: What has to happen

After 75 games, we’re still doing this. Fun. Jason Chaimovitch tweeted out the official version of this: #AHL Eastern Conference standings scenarios for Sunday, now with more accuracy:
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An unknown future: Saturday’s (non-)scenarios

The Sound Tigers can’t know their opponent Saturday. It’s a Heisenberg Uncertainty, position/momentum kind of thing: Being locked in in the Atlantic Division means it could still flip with Utica in
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Fateful Friday (update: clinch): Portland liveblog

The Sound Tigers and Islanders both made the playoffs in each of Bridgeport’s first three seasons, 2002-04. It has never happened since. That could change tonight with two points. We’ll be listening

Debut/clincher?: Thursday notes

Friday should be the pro debut for Michael Dal Colle, in No. 19. He’s expected to join the team in Portland later today when he’s reassigned from Kingston. Everything this morning at practice — last