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Trivia ’15-16: The Answers

The answers to Thursday’s annual trivia quiz after (hopefully) sufficient spoiler space and a clickthrough from the main page:

Fifteen years: Trivia Time

It’s the team’s 15th anniversary, as the patch on the sweater may’ve told you, so this year’s annual trivia quiz has a little more historical bent than usual. 1) Just because we’re looking back

Trivia ’14 Answers

Answers to the somehow annual trivia quiz after sufficient spoiler space: Nah, that probably won’t work. Well, maybe I can try it. I don’t really know how much of the lead paragraphs wind up on the

Trivia 2014 (plus bonus practice note)

Come for the trivia, stay for the note from practice (in front of a couple of Jersey high school teams) embedded within… The once and future coach, Brent Thompson, returned to Bridgeport this year,

Trivia Time 2013

OK, so last year got a little esoteric. Let’s see if we can pull this thing back a little this year. The paper does an annual trivia contest about local news every year, and every year I try to send a

Trivia answers ’13 (though now it’s ’14)

Hope you guys at least enjoyed these at home. If you haven’t given them a try, try them now, or forever hold your peace, ’cause here are the answers: (1) Which of those didn’t happen on Feb. 22? B:

Trivia 2012

We sent in a couple of questions a few weeks ago for the paper’s annual Trivia Quiz. –The Sound Tigers got their fourth coach in three seasons this summer after last season’s boss got a promotion to

Trivia 2012: The Answers

Meant to post these like three days ago; sorry “Esoteric” is our middle name around here, but maybe and admittedly a little too much so this time around. Here’s the answers:

Trivia 2011: The Answers

We asked you a set of Bridgeport 2011 trivia questions on the blog on Friday. Here are the answers. Of course, the Sound Tigers’ all-time leading scorer and captain is Jeremy Colliton. (Oops, spoiled

Trivia 2011

Edit: The answers are now here. This was a long year around here, by any measure (well, by any that don’t include actual measurements, anyway; by those, it was the same 365-with-a-quarter-deferred