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Trivia ’14 Answers

Answers to the somehow annual trivia quiz after sufficient spoiler space: Nah, that probably won’t work. Well, maybe I can try it. I don’t really know how much of the lead paragraphs wind up on the
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Trivia 2014 (plus bonus practice note)

Come for the trivia, stay for the note from practice (in front of a couple of Jersey high school teams) embedded within… The once and future coach, Brent Thompson, returned to Bridgeport this year,

Trivia Time 2013

OK, so last year got a little esoteric. Let’s see if we can pull this thing back a little this year. The paper does an annual trivia contest about local news every year, and every year I try to send a

Trivia answers ’13 (though now it’s ’14)

Hope you guys at least enjoyed these at home. If you haven’t given them a try, try them now, or forever hold your peace, ’cause here are the answers: (1) Which of those didn’t happen on Feb. 22? B:

Trivia 2012

We sent in a couple of questions a few weeks ago for the paper’s annual Trivia Quiz. –The Sound Tigers got their fourth coach in three seasons this summer after last season’s boss got a promotion to

Trivia 2012: The Answers

Meant to post these like three days ago; sorry “Esoteric” is our middle name around here, but maybe and admittedly a little too much so this time around. Here’s the answers:

Trivia 2011: The Answers

We asked you a set of Bridgeport 2011 trivia questions on the blog on Friday. Here are the answers. Of course, the Sound Tigers’ all-time leading scorer and captain is Jeremy Colliton. (Oops, spoiled
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Trivia 2011

Edit: The answers are now here. This was a long year around here, by any measure (well, by any that don’t include actual measurements, anyway; by those, it was the same 365-with-a-quarter-deferred

Trivia 2010

As has become routine, the paper put together a feature: trivia questions about the news of 2010. I tossed in a couple: –What team knocked the Bridgeport Sound Tigers out of the AHL playoffs and went

Trivia 2010: The Answers

OK, so let’s finish this off. Hope you guys were playing along at home; glad Andy had a good run at most of these. Here’s the original post. The answers to the questions in the paper were, of course,