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Once more with feeling: WBS postgame (2-road)

“It seems to be the same ol’ song and dance,” Stephon Williams said after once again giving up just one goal too many, who has had a couple of rough nights but has also been in net when the Sound

Another out, Williams, Graham in: WBS pregame (2-road)

Kane Lafranchise is out with a reported lower-body injury — that’s at least five lower-body injuries of some variety or other in that room — so Jesse Graham gets in. (Pretty sure of at least three

Ways and means: WBS postgame

Just up and asked Connor Jones: How do you keep finding ways? “We’re a really hard-working team,” Jones said. “We love being around each other. We’re want to work together. … No one cares who gets

Black and gold and blue and orange Friday: WBS pregame

So we’ve reached the “drive to work in the dark” segment of the schedule. Hope Thanksgiving was good for you. (Got a good game out of it, though I confess I was envious of the folks who got a 44-0

Chasing and chasing: WBS postgame

They did everything but score in the first period tonight. They fell behind in the second. They came up short in the third. “It’s frustrating, yeah,” Brent Thompson said. “There are positive notes. We

All hands on deck: WBS pregame

Brent Thompson this morning reiterated that he expects everyone to get in this weekend; those out tonight (Ross Johnston, Travis St. Denis, Loic Leduc, and like we talked about yesterday, perhaps

Adds up to the ‘L’ word: WBS postgame

Not one for the vault, not at all, the Sound Tigers’ worst loss and first seven-goals-against game since David Leggio’s last game here, coincidentally also against Wilkes-Barre, March 1, 2015. The ‘E’

Burroughs out: Adieu, Raffi: WBS pregame

First things first: Kyle Burroughs will be out “a while,” Brent Thompson said, after suffering an upper-body injury trying to stop Adam Tambellini on what became Hartford’s third goal last night.

Who’s scruffy-lookin’? Wilkes-Barre postgame

It’s always nice when someone gives you the quote so you don’t have to say it. “It was an ugly game,” Brent Thompson said. Weird, for sure. “It was a hard-fought game. Guys really sacrificed a lot

Same as it was: Wilkes-Barre pregame

Worked pretty well the other day: Bridgeport will stick with the same lineup that played a fairly dominant game against Portland on Tuesday. It’s Star Wars Night here. The Rebel Alliance logo is also