Experience counts: Hartford postgame (exh.)

I wouldn’t call you old, I told Kane Lafranchise, but as a veteran guy compared to this group… He smiled. “You could call me old. Maybe not in the American-League sense, but me being an older guy, a

Holy Trinity: Hartford pregame

Managed to find Trinity College, on the other side of Hartford from where we usually hang out. Nice little rink here, the Koeppel Community Sports Center. See if we can find our way out of town in the

Huskies return

UConn announced today it will return to Webster Bank Arena on Jan. 12 to face Maine.

Lines for Trinity: Hartford pregame

Tonight’s lineup (somewhat roughly; I may have some left wing/right wing errors): 9 Andrew Rowe-55 Travis St. Denis-27 Aaron Berisha 13 Kevin Morris-50 Shawn Pauly-58 Lukas Lofquist 82 Kellen Jones-83

Breaking up families: Tuesday notes

Roughly the same group at Wonderland today as was at Harbor Yard yesterday, with the additions of goalie Clay Witt and one Jon Landry. Had a nice chat with Landry that’ll go in the paper tomorrow. The

Familiar face, yes… Monday notes

Awesome story, overheard yesterday and confirmed today: When Jon Landry arrived yesterday, he was apparently very excited to see a familiar face, someone he played with last year in Utica, and he went

Camp roster: Wait, isn’t that…

A familiar face said hi at media day today. Late addition to camp, Jon Landry will be with the Sound Tigers on a tryout when they open camp for real tomorrow. Also among the group will be veteran

Home-grown: Islanders postgame

Not only was it a Sound Tigers-heavy lineup, but it was a Sound Tigers-heavy penalty kill (and penalty ledger). One minute into the game, and there were Connor Jones, Colin Markison, and ol’ reliables