Another out, Williams, Graham in: WBS pregame (2-road)

Kane Lafranchise is out with a reported lower-body injury — that’s at least five lower-body injuries of some variety or other in that room — so Jesse Graham gets in. (Pretty sure of at least three

Ways and means: WBS postgame

Just up and asked Connor Jones: How do you keep finding ways? “We’re a really hard-working team,” Jones said. “We love being around each other. We’re want to work together. … No one cares who gets

Black and gold and blue and orange Friday: WBS pregame

So we’ve reached the “drive to work in the dark” segment of the schedule. Hope Thanksgiving was good for you. (Got a good game out of it, though I confess I was envious of the folks who got a 44-0

Giving thanks, making sacrifices: Hartford postgame

OK, yeah, there’s the fun moment of Steve Bernier’s empty-netter tonight, scored from his own zone… because Ryan Graves’ blocked shot caromed off his leg and down the ice. Cool, but: That’s veteran

Great shot, kid! That was one in a million: Hartford pregame

The tweet embed isn’t working for some reason, so just do me a favor, go there, then come back here and… What the… (RT @15keljones: @conjones10 even looks like Luke Skywalker!) Thanksgiving Eve, a

Gionta, Markison on: Tuesday notes

Bridgeport returned to work with two players returning in a different way: Colin Markison, out almost a month now, and Stephen Gionta, returning from a broken leg in NHL preseason. Brent Thompson

Three in three in three: Binghamton postgame

This was one of those weird games that could’ve been both better and worse for both teams. Bridgeport wins it in overtime, Josh Ho-Sang carrying the mail up the left side and finding Kane Lafranchise

Hey, Senators: Binghamton pregame

Always good to see the B-Sens back in here, even if this is the second-to-last time the B-Sens will come in, one way or the other (regular season, at least). Good to see Steve Stirling, Grady