Who’s here, who’s not: Tuesday notes

Edit, 1 p.m.: About five minutes after I posted this and left Harbor Yard, the Islanders announced they’ve sent Christopher Gibson back to Bridgeport. Timing. During what could be the last Sound

Happy Anniversary: Leads in a playoff series

Today is April 26, 2016. Exactly 10 years ago tonight in Wilkes-Barre Township, Pa., something happened that hasn’t happened since. There was no panic, just the desperation that had been missing for

Islanders call for Wright

Banged up up front, the Islanders called up James Wright tonight. A guy who’s been up there a fair bit with a couple of different teams and has been in all situations here. A big ding in all
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On the brink: Toronto postgame 2

Hey, there’s like a 6 percent chance this happens. Figure on any given Sunday the Sound Tigers have about a 40 percent chance against the Marlies, and cube it, and won’t Section 105 look silly for

A little shuffle: Toronto Game 2 pregame

Same forwards, but in different groups today for Bridgeport: Marc-Andre Cliche goes up with Bracken Kearns and James Wright, Michael Dal Colle moves down with Tanner Fritz and Mike Halmo (they played
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What might’ve been: Toronto Game 1 postgame

You thought about it for a minute, right? Sometime in the first 24 minutes, or probably most specifically the 12th through the 24th, you wondered what this series might look like if Bridgeport could

Starting this thing up: Toronto Game 1 pregame

The Marlies lost three out of five three times this year, all in the second half, twice in March. (They were 36-8-2-0 before the first time it happened.) Bridgeport will try to slow them down (or at
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Game 1 Fun: a (recent) history of devastation

Bridgeport won six of its first eight Game 1s, but it has been on the wrong end of the next three, and on the wrong end of controversy at a crucial moment in each of them. This is obviously a key for