Saturday unliveblog: St. John’s 1

Will be out of touch for Saturday’s game but should be back here Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, get yourself some quality time with Brian Rogers (audio here or via “listen live” link at the team’s site/pay-per-view). Follow the Telegram’s aces, Brendan McCarthy and Robin Short, and of course Bridgeport and the IceCaps. Tune in […] [Read More]

NHL attrition: Friday bits

Costly game up in Boston last night: Josh Bailey breaks his hand, and Zdeno Chara tears his left PCL. Still, the Islanders had Mikhail Grabovski in a regular spot today, appears no immediate recall. And since Bridgeport is up on the Rock, that’s helpful. (Of course, head injuries, you never know. But they’ve got Eric […] [Read More]

SHU: Shuttles to home games

With Colgate coming to Milford Ice Pavilion Friday and Saturday (at No. 4 in both polls, the highest-ranked opponent ever coming in to Marty Roos’ barn), Sacred Heart announced that the Student Union will run shuttles from campus to men’s games in Milford and some women’s games at The Rinks at Shelton. So, Pioneer kids, […] [Read More]
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Return of 13: Thursday notes

For the moment Thursday at Wonderland, the absence of Anders Lee moved Sebastian Collberg up to that spot and Colton Gillies into Collberg’s spot. News at noon that Colin McDonald has cleared waivers, well, that makes it all a question again. Brent Thompson professed not to have a definite answer where McDonald would go if […] [Read More]
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Thoughts to Ottawa/McDonald on waivers: Wednesday notes

Thoughts and prayers with the people of Ottawa. Jeez. The mundane organizational news broke not long after practice broke up here and possibly did on the Island as well: Colin McDonald has been placed on waivers, presumably to come here if he clears tomorrow at noon. Arthur Staple says the logical should follow: Anders Lee […] [Read More]

Familiar line change/Huskies vs. Bobcats: Tuesday notes

One swap — well, one and a half — from Sunday’s lines to note: A trio we saw a bit Sunday, Lee-Quine-Mouillierat, was together, giving a longer look at Alan Quine in the middle and Kael Mouillierat on the wing. That put Sebastian Collberg where Quine started Sunday, with Mike Halmo and Johan Sundstrom. Mark […] [Read More]

Stockton notes, Week 1

An irregular, though I hope much more regular than last year, feature peeking across the country… Oct. 17: Bakersfield 3, Stockton 1 Oct. 18: Stockton 4, Bakersfield 3 Oct. 19: Stockton 4, Bakersfield 2 The season opened with a loss on the road, with Bakersfield getting four points from Quinnipiac’s former star twins, Connor and […] [Read More]
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Comeback wins: Springfield postgame

Coming back from injury Saturday, going back-to-back, Aaron Ness took some good whacks early in Sunday’s game. There was a hard, lateish hit behind the Bridgeport net from Josh Anderson. There was a slash from Brian Gibbons. They both left him looking uncomfortable. “It was a tough game. A lot of things going on there,” […] [Read More]